Coronado Playhouse Announces Auditions for its Production of:

Edited and adapted by James Saba
Musical arrangements by Steve Gunderson

Director: James Saba
Choreographer: Erin Petersen
Music Director: Imahni King
Producer: Blake McCarty
Coronado Playhouse is committed to inclusivity, and encourages ALL members of our community to submit, particularly members of communities who have historically been excluded or underrepresented -- including but not limited to artists of color, Native American and Indigenous artists, women, non-binary and gender non-conforming artists, LGBTQ+ artists, and artists with disabilities. 

Seeking an ensemble of actors who will all play multiple roles. Casting is flexible and may be expanded at the discretion of the director. Please sing a 1950's pop song or a song from a Broadway musical in the same spirit. Sample songs from this adaptation are listed in ( ), but only as a suggestion.

  • VALENTINE - A young gentleman from Verona. 18-25. Baritenor. (Sings: Puppy Love) 
  • PROTEUS - A young gentleman from Verona. Best friend to Valentine. Promised to Julia. 18-25. Baritone (Sings: Love is Golden Ring, The Girl of My Best Friend, I’m Sorry)
  • JULIA - Promised to Proteus. 18-25. Mezzo/Belt (Sings: I Will Follow Him, Maybe, Who’s Sorry Now?)
  • SYLVIA - Promised to Valentine. 18-25. Soprano/Belt. (Sings: Puppy Love, Maybe, I Will Follow Him)
  • LUCETTA - Servingmaid to Julia. Mezzo Belt. 20’s - 50’s. (Sings: Why Do Fools Fall in Love? He’s a Rebel) 
  • *ANTONIO + DUKE OF MILAN - Father of Proteus + Father of Sylvia. 40’s - 50’s 
  • *PANTINO - Servant of Antonio (Also HOST). 30’s - 50’s
  • THURIO - A foolish suitor to Sylvia. Rival to Valentine. 18-25
  • LAUNCE - A clownish servant of Proteus. (Sings: Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool). Character voice, Baritone. 20’s - 50’s.
  • *SPEED - Servant to Valentine. Baritone. (Sings: Tender Trap). 20’s - 40’s
  • *EGLAMOUR - A faithful friend who aids Sylvia in her escape from Milan. 18-25
  • TRIO (*Tenor/Bass/Baritone) - A “boy group” reminiscent of The Four Aces or The Cardigans (Sings: Sincerely, Your Cheatin’ Heart, and Puppy Love). 
With the exception of the four romantic leads, all roles join the ensemble at points throughout.

*All genders will be considered for the roles of Antonia (Mother of Proteus), Patina (Servant to Antonia), Egalamour, possibly Speed, and possibly the tenor in the “Male Trio.” 

Note that all roles shall be played by adults over 18.
COVID-19 NOTICE: for the protection of our staff and volunteers, all cast and production team members must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and prepared to show a record of vaccinations and booster shots prior to the start of rehearsals.