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As discussed at several Operations Committee meetings over the past several years, attachments for claims and prior authorization remains a significant pain point and challenge for the industry. 
We are passing along the announcement below to participate in a CAQH/CORE national survey regarding attachments. The survey is brief, and  responses are requested by Friday October 18 . [Note: We are distributing the announcement below to both the  Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee  and the Minnesota Administrative Uniformity Committee.] The ACA requires adoption of operating rules for attachments, and CAQH/CORE is the federal Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) designated author of operating rules. The survey results will be important information as part of the larger goal of developing operating rules for attachments. 
Thank you for considering participating in the survey. Please contact us if you have questions.
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Dave Haugen
Participate in a national survey on the variability and utilization mechanisms for attachments
As the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) designated author of  operating rules  for “attachments”, the CAQH® Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE®) is launching the  CAQH CORE Industry Survey on Exchanging Medical Documentation  to better understand the variability and utilization of exchange mechanisms for attachments. The term “attachment” refers to the exchange of patient-specific medical information or supplemental documentation to support an administrative healthcare transaction.
While most HIPAA-mandated electronic transaction standards have been federally adopted, and industry implementation is well underway, an electronic attachments standard to simplify the exchange of necessary medical information and support the broad use of automation in the attachment workflow has not yet been federally adopted.
This survey asks respondents questions about the exchange of medical documentation at their organization for different clinical services related to four uses cases: Prior authorization; Healthcare claims; Quality measures; and Value-based payments.
Survey respondents should have an intimate knowledge of their organization’s workflow, infrastructure and data needs as it pertains to the exchange of medical documentation in one or more of the four use cases. An organization may submit more than one survey to separately address the four use cases, but an organization should not submit more than one survey per use case.
DUE DATE: Responses to the CAQH CORE Industry Survey on Exchanging Medical Documentation must be received by 5 pm PT on Friday, 10/18/19 .
David K. Haugen
Administrative Simplification Program Director | Office of Health Information Technology
Minnesota Department of Health
Office: 651-201-3573