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July Funding Focus #2
1 Per Institution (see note below)
Internal Deadline: August 17, 2018 at 4:45pm CDT
The ADVANCE program provides support to address these and other challenges to increase the participation and advancement of women in academic faculty and leadership positions. The ADVANCE Program will make strategic investments in the development and implementation of institutional transformation strategies and knowledge building activities with the aim of building evidence-based strategies about gender-based institutional transformation and strategies to increase the representation of women in the academic STEM disciplines and environments.
NOTE: Only the Institutional Transformation Preliminary Proposal (with required preliminary proposal due April 10, 2019) and Adaptation Proposals are limited to one proposal.


The Alabama NASA EPSCoR program is currently accepting proposals for the NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research Cooperative Agreement Notice (NNH18ZHA005C). All submissions for this Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) must be submitted through The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) as per the solicitation requirements, with the Alabama EPSCoR Director (Dr. Dale Thomas) relected as lead PI.
Proposals are to be submitted on a monthly basis. Once a technical area has been proposed, it is no longer available for submission. Please refer to the Alabama NASA EPSCoR website for an up-to-date list of technical areas that remain available. 

NASA will also periodically add additional technical areas. They will be added to the list as notice is received from NASA. Proposals are due by the last business day of each month for the current list of technical areas. At the first of each month, proposals will be selected from received submissions and the technical list will be updated to reflect the areas remaining for the next month. The first deadline for proposal submission is A ugust 31, 2018 . Total budget is limited to $90,000 for a one-year period. Additional details regarding proposal requirements is reflected in the link above. If you need further information or insights into this program, please contact Dr. David Beale ( or 334-844-3336).
Limit: 2 / Internal Deadline: August 1, 2018 5pm CST
Applicants should read the NEH guidelines and submit a polished draft of the NEH application form, which is composed of:
  • The cover sheet
  • 3-page narrative
  • 1 page bibliography (which should demonstrate preparation for the project)
  • 2-page resume (in editing the full resume, proof of competence for the project should be a priority)
  • Appendices if relevant
Applications should be submitted to  
The selection committee will work with the selected nominees to refine their proposals before the NEH deadline which is September 26, 2018.
Proposal Services & Faculty Support