As March comes to a close and we prepare for an early 3-Day Easter weekend, followed by the Central Texas Solar Eclipse offering an extra Monday off for many, we're in for unusual back-to-back 3-day weekends.

In this week's market update, we'll hop into Austin's housing market from its recent boom to post-pandemic shifts. Investors, don't miss the 9 house-flipping tips tailored for the risk-averse, and March market madness, the top college markets great for cash flow.

It's Multi-Family week, so we dissect the residential multifamily housing data for the Austin MSA, offering our unique insights to navigate this evolving real estate landscape.

We're here to also help guide you through the headlining changes coming, the new rules, changing practices, and fee structures across the country, ensuring you stay informed and empowered!

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Local Market Update

As we have been operating in the multifamily space, both residential and commercial we're finding the multiplex data to be somewhat scarce and rather scattered so we're tracking and interpreting it ourselves, for our investors, and sharing it with you.

The biggest takeaways from these stats are...

  1. Reduced Time on Market: The average days on market for multi-family properties dropped significantly from 81 days last month to 53 days this month. Compared to last February's 69 days, this shows a notable increase in demand. Although the median sold price remains 6% below 2023 and 4% below January, investors are capitalizing on recent price declines, driving demand despite rising interest rates.
  2. Surge in Pending Contracts: Pending contracts spiked by 54% (13 properties) from last month and 60% (14 properties) from last February, also indicating a boost in demand. While transaction volumes are lower compared to single-family stats, each sale carries significant weight. Despite the smaller data set, we anticipate short-term price increases as rents are expected to rise during the spring and summer, boosting returns and investor appeal.

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YOY Highlights for the Austin MSA Res Multifamly!


Units Sold:

25 up 31.58% from February 2023


Average Sales Price:

$640,257 up 3.84% from February 2023


Average Days on the Market:

53 days down 16 days from February 2023

Pending Contracts:

37 up by 61% from this time last year

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The Cossette Team

(512) 299 5904

Do you know anyone who may need our services? Feel free to pass this email along so we can chat with them about help with their real estate needs!

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