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ATRInsider May 2024 | Volume 20, Issue 3

ATRI Research Evaluates Renewable Diesel as an Alternative

Pathway to Decarbonization

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ATRI has released a new report that analyzes the benefits of employing renewable diesel (RD) as an alternative to battery electric vehicle (BEV) trucks.

This analysis is a follow-up to findings from past ATRI research on the topics of zero-emission vehicles and electric infrastructure challenges.  In those studies and this latest analysis, ATRI utilized the U.S. Department of Energy’s GREET Model to quantify the potential of renewable diesel for lowering the trucking industry’s CO2 emissions.

While both RD and BEV pathways have implementation costs, the report concludes that relying on BEV to decrease CO2 emissions is nearly six times more expensive than using RD. 

In the report, RD and BEV pathways are evaluated on three criteria:

  • Environmental Benefits
  • Operational Capabilities
  • Financial Viability

It was confirmed that when trucks using RD today are converted to BEV, there is a significant negative environmental impact.  Additionally, the report highlights operational benefits for trucking when using RD as an alternative, as well as significant infrastructure and new vehicle cost savings. Read More

In addition to the full ATRI study, ATRI has released an executive summary of the key findings which you can download by visiting ATRI's website here.

ATRI Research Shows that Trucking Provides Career

Pathways and Higher Income Potential for Women

ATRI’s 2021 study, Owner-Operators/Independent Contractors in the Supply Chain, examined the differing motivators for why truck drivers choose to be a Company Driver or an Owner-Operator /Independent Contractor (OO/IC). The research was prioritized by ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee to better understand the role of OO/IC in the trucking industry, and how legislative attempts to reclassify OO/IC as Company Drivers would impact those individuals and supply chains in general. ATRI’s research included respondent data from over 2,000 professional truck drivers, of whom more than 2/3rds were OO/IC. While the majority of respondents were men, 8.1 percent of the respondents were women, representing a higher percentage of women than in the industry at large.

In an updated analysis utilizing the same data set, ATRI examined career motivations and income potential for women drivers. Women OO/IC were clear – reclassification would have a significant negative impact – and likely drive them out of the trucking industry. Freedom to choose their career pathway in the trucking industry is key to recruiting more women drivers to an industry that routinely experiences workforce shortages. Increasing the numbers of women drivers overall will have the added benefit of improving roadway safety. ATRI’s 2022 Predicting Truck Crash Involvement found that women truck drivers are safer than their male counterparts and are involved in fewer crashes.

Download the full study or one-page summary here.

There's Still Time to Apply for ATRI's 2025-2026

Research Advisory Committee

ATRI is currently taking applications for the 2025-2026 Research Advisory Committee (RAC). ATRI’s RAC is comprised of government officials, academics, professional truck drivers, trucking company executives and suppliers from a diverse cross-section of the industry, all who understand the importance of sound science to an industry as complex as the trucking industry. The RAC is charged with annually recommending a research agenda for the Institute.

Since ATRI’s first RAC in 2002, over 220 individuals have been appointed to serve by ATRI’s Board of Directors. ATRI’s diverse portfolio of critical industry research is representative of the collective input of these engaged industry stakeholders who annually identify trucking’s top research needs.

The online application form allows individuals to indicate their interest in being considered and to more fully describe how their unique experience and perspective would contribute to the research identification process. Additionally, there is a separate form for individuals to nominate a colleague who they believe would be a strong candidate for the RAC.

The online application form is available on ATRI’s website here. Applications received by May 31, 2024 will be reviewed for potential nomination for the 2025-2026 Research Advisory Committee. 


2024 ATRI Contributors Thank You for Your Support!

For over 20 years, ATRI has provided award-winning research to improve the trucking industry’s safety and productivity. Our mission is clear and our dedicated team of research professionals deliver on that mission each and every day. And, in recognition of all that ATRI does, the following organizations and individuals supported ATRI with a charitable contribution as of May 14, 2024.

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National Association of Presort Mailers

National Conference of State Transportation Specialists

National Horse Carriers Association

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Rhode Island Trucking Association

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Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

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Whether you make a personal contribution or contribute on behalf of your organization, your financial support will mean that we can continue to produce award-winning research to support your business and your industry. Please consider adding your name to this list of industry leaders by giving to ATRI today.


ATRI Team Talks Trucking

ATRI VP Jeffrey Short joins the LandLine Now podcast to discuss ATRI's latest study on renewable diesel. Listen to the podcast by clicking image above.

ATRI President Rebecca Brewster joins Bob Perry for a discussion on driver health issues, retention, and the future generation of trucking. Click image above to watch the webinar.

Upcoming opportunities to hear the ATRI team talk about the latest research:

  • May 19-21: ATA's Mid-Year Management Session, San Antonio, TX - All ATRI Staff

  • May 29-30: U.S Dept. of Energy Renewable Energy Lab, Sustainable Freight Futures Workshop, Golden, CO - Jeffrey Short

  • June 18-20: Georgia Motor Trucking Association Annual Convention, Hilton Head, SC - Rebecca Brewster

  • June 24-26: SMC3 Connections 2024, Colorado Springs, CO - Rebecca Brewster

  • June 26-28: Samsara Beyond 24, Chicago, IL - Rebecca Brewster

  • June 28: Rihm Kenworth Dealerships - Midwest Sustainability Conference, St. Paul, MN - Dan Murray

  • July 18-20: Florida Trucking Association Annual Conference, Naples, FL - Rebecca Brewster

  • July 25-27: Louisiana Motor Transport Association Annual Convention, Point Clear, AL - Rebecca Brewster

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