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Your February AStuff news!

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• AStuff Expansion

• Product Highlight: DRIVE PX2

• Vendor Highlight: Kaarta

• Illinois School for the Deaf students visit AStuff HQ

• This month's favorite: Sam Rustan

AStuff Expansion 

Business is booming at AutonomouStuff! In the last year, our staff has tripled in size and we are running out of room to accommodate our awesome team. To keep up with that growth, we've acquired an 8,100 square foot building with plenty of office and warehouse space. This, along with our current home, will make up the future AStuff headquarters. We hope to settle in later this spring. Stay tuned for more info!  

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Product Highlight: NVIDIA DRIVE PX2

Fully autonomous and driver assistance technologies powered by deep learning have become a key focus for every car manufacturer, as well as transportation services and technology companies. 

The car needs to know exactly where it is, recognize the objects around it and continuously calculate the optimal path for a safe driving experience. This situational and contextual awareness of the car and its surroundings demands a powerful visual computing system that can merge data from cameras and other sensors, plus navigation sources, while also figuring out the safest path – all in real-time. This solution is NVIDIA DRIVE PX2 available at AutonomouStuff.
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Vendor Highlight: Kaarta

We're always happy to shine a spotlight on our amazing partners. This month, we'd like to tell you about our friends at Kaarta. This Pittsburgh-based company provides fast, accurate and affordable 3D scan technology. Their products include the Contour (a hand carried 3D mapping system) and the Stencil (a stand-alone, light weight system which unleashes the integrated power of mapping and real-time position estimation for anyone who needs an easy way to document the 3D world quickly and dependably).  

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Illinois School for the Deaf students visit AStuff HQ

The AStuff crew was proud to host the Illinois School for the Deaf at our headquarters February 14. 

About 20 students, a teacher and an interpreter stopped by to see the latest and greatest in autonomy. Our visitors were led by Lead Application Engineer, Tyler Painter, who provided a history of our company and a high-level overview of what we do on a regular basis. 

We're alway happy to give back by providing education on the future of transportation. The team had a great time and we hope our visitors did as well!

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This month's favorite: Sam Rustan

We're always excited to introduce you to members of our amazing team. This month, we'd like you to meet Sam Rustan. Sam has been with us for about six months and has added a lot of value to our team. He says:

" I was looking for a company where I could experience exponential growth — both in my skill set and the talent around me. I've found that here."

It's employees like Sam who make AutonomouStuff what it is. Thanks for your hardwork, Sam!!

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The ibeo Evaluation Suite provides a modular framework that includes Reference Data Generation, DuT Tools, Event Detection and Data Analysis.

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