Conozca en Tiempo Real las estadísticas de casos de COVID-19 y vacunación en Puerto Rico.
Las rigurosas medidas frente al Covid están salvando vidas en Puerto Rico
En Puerto Rico se han aplicado toques de queda y rigurosas medidas sanitarias que han permitido salvar vidas y salvar el sistema sanitario.

¿Puede un negocio negarse a servirle a alguien que no use mascarilla?
Una mujer fue arrestada el jueves 11 de marzo, luego de que se negara a usar una mascarilla o salir de un banco que exigía su uso en Galveston, Texas. Fue detenida por invasión de propiedad privada y resistirse al arresto.

CDC, WHO Create Threat Levels for COVID Variants
The CDC and the World Health Organization have established new criteria to classify variants of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

This New Test Can Detect 50 Types of Cancer from a Single Blood Draw
Seven years ago, scientists at Illumina, the DNA sequencing company in San Diego, were running a study seeking DNA fragments in pregnant people’s blood that might suggest...

People With MS Should Get the COVID-19 Vaccine: Expert
People with multiple sclerosis (MS) may be wondering if they should get a COVID-19 shot, and the answer is definitely yes, an expert says.

Can Vaccination and Infection Rates Add Up to Reach Covid Herd Immunity?
It’s been a long, dark winter of covid concerns, stoked by high post-holiday case counts and the American death tally exceeding 530,000 lives lost.

An unintended consequence of COVID-19 safety procedures has been a surge in trash, from face masks to gloves to, now, the discarded syringes and needles from COVID-19 vaccines.

The Future Of Hospital Design – Inside The Point Of Care
Interminable waiting lines; long, boring corridors; piles of paperwork; these are processes and scenes we’re used to when turning to healthcare institutions.

Most employees want mandatory COVID-19 vaccination at work
Seven in 10 U.S. employees who started working at home during the pandemic say their companies should introduce mandatory COVID-19 vaccination before workers are called back to the office, according to the results of a new survey.

The boom in out-of-state telehealth threatens in-state providers
When the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation began offering telehealth services in Montana in early February, the nation’s largest nonprofit addiction treatment provider promised quality care for far-flung residents without their even...

Moderna Gives 1st Vaccine Shots To Young Kids As Part Of COVID-19 Study
Children have now received their first doses of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, as the company studies the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine for kids ages 6 months to less than 12 years old.

How Is The COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Going In Your State?
Vaccinating a high percentage of the population against COVID-19 is a crucial part of the U.S. strategy to curb the pandemic.
COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit for School Settings and Childcare Programs
Teachers, school staff and childcare workers across the nation are now eligible to receive vaccines to help protect them against COVID-19.