ASDC News • January 2022
Winter Signs, Songs & Stories in ASL
 See songs like "Let It Go" from Frozen, books like "Snowmen At Night" book, and learn winter signs in ASL!
What Does Your
ASDC Membership Do?
When your family joins ASDC, you help us do some pretty amazing things!
Here are just five of them:
#1 - Ashley can create and share great content with you
Ashley is a Deaf artist and marketing professional who joined us in 2021. Check out the fun videos she is creating and the useful news and resources she is sharing on social media!

#2 - Ursa can teach you ASL
You make it possible for our team of incredible ASL teachers (Ursa, Ricky, and Edna)to offer classes and webinars on a wide range of topics every month. As a member, you get discounts on every class we offer! See all upcoming classes
#3 - Deaf role models can help you practice ASL online - free!
As an ASDC member, you get five free sessions of SignOn, making it easy to meet and sign with a Deaf adult. You schedule your sessions at times and choose your topics of conversation. This is a great way improve your signing skills! Learn more
#4 - Your child can connect with Deaf peers online - free!
As an ASDC member, your child can use all or some of your five free sessions of SignOn to let your child participate in the Friends Like Me program. Kids meet weekly in a safe, supervised online environment to chat other deaf and hard of hearing kids their age. Learn more about Friends Like Me
#5 - Yiesell can support our Spanish-speaking parents
Yiesell is a bilingual mother of a Deaf child who joined us in 2020. She is meeting with Latino families with deaf children every month and creating special events presented in Spanish!

Join our Latino Parent Support group by contacting
Join ASDC for just $35/year and become a part of a dedicated group of parents and teachers who are creating a brighter future for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children!
December Donors
Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to these generous individuals, families, and organizations for their support.

Addison Wolff
Aidan Zuzenak
Amanda Wernicke
Anonymous (8)
Anonymous – Infinitus (3)
Bob Kugler
Bradley Magala
Brenda Huneycutt & Smith Brittingham IV
Brett Anderson
Brooke Meisenzahl
Cadyee Shaw
Caprice Berryhill
Claire Contreras
David Contis
Eric Olson
Geri Rios
James & Janet Rooney
Jason Engle
Jessica Nester
Kathleen Peoples, Ph.D.
Mary McCanta
Mia Laudato
Michael Herschberg
Michael Jewell
Michele Gachowski
Murray & Laurie Goldstein
The Jeral Family
Ramya Thangaraj
Richard Rieman
Sheri Campbell
Skylar Body
Spenser Sperling
Susan Russell
Tom Narr

Association of the Deaf, Inc.
Blackbaud Giving Fund
Rochester Institute of Technology
Sign ‘n Grow
Sarah from @UncappedCreations
Target Corporation
Tom Dowling, Virginia Association of the Deaf, Inc.

ASDC Board of Directors
& Laurie Rush
In honor of Cheri Dowling’s father,
Thomas Moore 
Anonymous –
In memory of Christopher Van Scott
Anonymous –
In honor of Eden D. 
Anonymous –
In honor of Kate Brimer 
Anonymous –
In honor of Kathleen Ponder
Anonymous –
In honor of Mason Larson 
Ayhan & Srinivasa –
In honor of Maya Srinivasa
Dr. Andre & Marie Williams –
In honor of Brittni McIvor 
Jenny Wood –
In honor of Caydee’s Christmas
Jessica Jones –
In honor of Caydee Shaw 
Michelle Gropper –
In memory of Kathee Christensen
Robert Rosella –
In memory of Flor Hernandez
Susan Childers –
In memory of Mike Childers
The Burchams –
In honor of the littles that can’t understand and aren’t understood

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