Thank you everyone who responded to my request for help in sharing validation data from your laboratory to the authors of the NIST Foundational Study regarding mixture interpretations. I am thrilled with the number of responses. I truly feel that one of the best benefits of membership in ASCLD is the ability to share and exchange information. We are not silos and need to reach out to each other for perspectives beyond our own and information that can help move us forward. Together we are an incredibly powerful voice.

With the April Symposium sneaking up on us, keep an eye on the CLM as we start to push information out to the membership. This week, I am pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the Ed Rhodes Scholarship. ASCLD receives one complimentary sitting per calendar year for any American Board of Criminalistics, Inc. (ABC) examination. The complimentary sitting is for either an ASCLD member or someone in a member’s organization. Information and the application can be found on the ASCLD website Applications are due December 31, 2021 for any test date in 2022. If you have any questions, please contact and your questions will be forwarded to Nominations & Awards committee chair Dr. Scott O’Neill.

We also had a request from our International Committee regarding an international quality management survey directed to Laboratory Directors and Quality Managers. Their message is below along with a link to the survey. Please take the 30 to 45 minutes requested and provide your thoughts on the topic. We have included the two page document on the questions they are exploring here.

Dear Forensic Science Friends,

There is growing concern about the effectiveness of some elements of ISO 17025 as a standard for the end-to-end forensic science process. To some extent this is summarised in a paper by Ross and Neuteboom: ISO-Accreditation – Is that all there is for forensic science? The paper can be accessed here.

In that paper it is recommended to conduct a survey on the benefits and limitations of accreditation, the broader concepts of quality (e.g. Baldridge) and how the process could be improved for the end-to-end forensic science continuum.

To that end, a survey has been constructed and we would very much appreciate completion of the questionnaire by the director/head of your facility and the quality manager. It is anticipated that 30-45 minutes will be required.

Attached to this e-mail is a document ‘QM Survey – further information’ which gives further details about the survey and its rationale.

We look forward to your participation in this survey and would very much appreciate your response by Friday 3 December 2021.

The survey can be accessed and submitted through this link:

If you would like further information about this survey please contact Mr Alastair Ross at

Best wishes,

Wim Neuteboom, Alastair Ross, Lyndal Bugeja, Sheila Willis, Claude Roux and Kevin Lothridge

Please don’t forget that the Forensic Research Committee is also seeking nominations for their awards to honor the great work and collaborations from this year.

Have a great week!