President's Message
Hello to all and I hope this finds you a bit rested after the holiday weekend.
It is important to take a moment to recognize the sacrifices made by our service members and their families. Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor all who have died while serving in the US military.
Memorial Day is also being a day to remember those who have died from Covid-19. The President of the United States declared that the flags would be lowered to half-staff through the holiday weekend, to honor the Americans who have died due to COVID-19, along with the service members who died while serving in the US military.
For those of you who are members of ASCLD from other countries, I want to make sure that those who have died from COVID-19 and all military members who have died serving their country are also recognized.

Upcoming Virtual Meeting Information:
The agenda is being finalized and will be sent out and/or posted as soon as those details are complete.
The registration link will be sent to you from our Executive Director this coming week.
The videos that your candidates for the Board of Directors have put together will be posted on the ASCLD website, with a link available to watch the videos on ASCLD’s YouTube channel. Past President Jeremy Triplett is working on getting those posted and they will be available in a link found under the member site on the website.

Teleworking has brought about many challenges. Our work life has become more and more our home life and vice versa. Make sure you turn off the work part of you and be present with your families. Take time for yourself. Take care of yourself. Take care of your families. Go for a hike. Go for a walk. Put together a puzzle, color a picture. Do whatever makes you have a few moments to just relax. As our countries are beginning to open back up, we do not know what the future will be like. Will we need to wear masks everywhere we go? Will travel for work be suspended indefinitely? If you are able to go on a vacation, will you have to self-quarantine when you return? We do not know the answer to these questions. Whatever the “new normal” may be, remember that you have an ASCLD family here to help. 
“We don't grow when things are easy we grow when we face challenges.” ~ Joyce Meyer  

Enjoy your week,
Looking Ahead
June 17, 2020 - Annual Meeting - virtual (1pm EST)
Weekly News and Resources
Community Research, Newsletters, and Surveys

Briggs White recipient for 2020 Kermit Channell is interviewed by ASCLD member and previous Briggs White recipient John Collins in the link below. Please find time to listen to Kermit and his thoughts and insights to leadership and the forensic community. Kermit is the Executive Director of the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory.  

The video can be viewed here .  

This research shows how microscopic particles—in this case, from drug powders—can be spread around a forensic chemistry lab when handling evidence. The spread of small amounts of drug particles cannot be completely eliminated, but it’s important for labs to manage the problem, both for reasons of workplace safety and to ensure that measurement quality isn’t affected
ASCLD is leading the review and update of three of the IFSA MRDs. Your comments and suggested updates are appreciated.  Please contact the lead reviewer for each document with your suggestions:
Kevin Lothridge (seized drugs), Erin Forry (DNA), and Brooke Arnone (Crime Scene)

Message from the Trauma & Stress Working Group:

Recently, the Trauma & Stress Working group has added a document to the Manger’s Toolkit which will help managers detect and mitigate stress, vicarious trauma, and burnout in forensic practitioners. The timely detection and mitigation of these issues is critical for the individual's well-being and the employer's retention of productive employees. We would like to encourage everyone review the document  Management Detection and Mitigation of Stress, Vicarious Trauma, and Burnout in Forensic Practitioners
Forensic Research Committee Bulletin - March Issue
The goal of the Laboratories and Educators Alliance Program (LEAP) is to facilitate collaborative research between academia and forensic science laboratories. This joint effort between the American Society of Crime Lab Directors (ASCLD) and the Council of Forensic Science Educators (COFSE) identifies forensic science needs and provides a platform for laboratories, researchers, and students to seek projects aligning with their mutual research capabilities. Read more... 
2020 Research Innovation Award (from the Forensic Research Award Committee):

Amber K. Burns, Chemistry Section Manager for the Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division.

See the FRC webpage for more information
Funding Opportunities
For the most up to date Funding Opportunities visit:

FY2020 Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program Due May 29, 2020

FY 2020 Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence Due June 15, 2020

FY 2020 Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence – Inventory, Tracking, and Reporting (SAFE-ITR) Program Due June 15, 2020

FY2020 Strengthening the Medical Examiner-Coroner System Program Due June 15, 2020

FY 2020 Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program – Competitive
Due June 19, 2020

FY 2020 Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program – Formula
Due June 19, 2020

Standards Corner

Click HERE to review standards available for comment.

May 2020 OSAC Standards Bulletin now available, click HERE
National forensic science organization approves standards for interpreting DNA mixtures.
These new standards include detailed requirements for conducting validation studies for DNA mixture interpretation, developing protocols from them and verifying that those protocols work correctly.
Join forensic science colleagues and aspiring scientist from around the world at the Virtual 9th Annual Forensic Science Symposium via a secure Zoom webinar.

This year's symposium will showcase topics like DNA, chemistry, toxicology, digital forensics and latent prints, and include expanded criminal justice subjects beyond the laboratory. Workshops and poster session will be included.

More information can be found here
FREE 2020 Forensic Symposium: Current Trends in Forensic Toxicology
Register now at
For additional information, please visit
ANAB - Upcoming training events

August 3-6, 2020, Live Online
September 15-18, 2020, Washington, D.C.
November 3-6, 2020, Rancho Cordova, CA

June 1-4, 2020, 11 am-5 pm ET, Live Online
July 28-31, 2020, 11 am-5 pm ET, Live Online
August 24-27, 2020, 11 am-5 pm ET, Live Online
October 6-9, 2020, San Francisco, CA
November 16-19, 2020, Fort Worth, TX
November 17-20, 2020, Washington, D.C.

June 23-26, 2020 (2-4pm ET), Live Online
September 14-17, 2020 (11am-1pm ET), Live Online
December 1-4, 2020 (11am-1pm ET), Live Online

September 14-16, 2020 (2pm-4pm ET), Live Online
November 30-December 2, 2020 (2pm-4pm ET), Live Online

August 4-7, 2020, St. Louis, MO
July 20-21, 2020, Live Online

July 14-15, 2020, Live Online

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Donations to ASCLD can now be made online! This is a great way to honor the memory of a forensic colleague, to commemorate a life event for that person who has everything, or to otherwise assist in supporting the tireless efforts of the ASCLD organization in the pursuit of excellence in forensic science management. The donation page can be accessed by clicking HERE or by visiting the ASCLD website and clicking on "Donate to ASCLD" under the "Member Site" tab (this donation page is accessible even to non-members). Please consider donating and do share this information with anyone you think might be interested.
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