President's Message
Dear ASCLD Colleagues,

We are fortunate to have many excellent leaders as part of the ASCLD Community. Many of you have participated in task groups and committees. Maybe now is the time to help lead our organization? The Nominations and Awards Committee is accepting nominations for candidates for the ASCLD Board of Directors through April.

I would like to share with you some thoughts on serving on the ASCLD Board of Directors from some current members:

  • It’s an opportunity to work with a group of passionate and highly qualified forensic leaders.
  • You can play an active role in establishing and contributing to important initiatives that contribute to the national and international forensic community.
  • You can expand your network of leadership colleagues in forensic labs around the US and the rest of the globe.
-Director Tony Tessarolo
Centre of Forensic Sciences
Being on the BOD has reinvigorated my leadership and management perspectives. For me, building relationships is crucial to the success of any field- no one can do it alone. It is so easy to get siloed in your respective state and/or area when it comes to the issues and opportunities in forensic science, but engaging with the members on the Board has opened my eyes to a few things:

  1. There is a lot I still don't know and need to learn in this field. It is a dynamic, productive, thoughtful and fun team, which is something I truly appreciate.
  2. We generally have the same or similar challenges with respect to forensic science issues in our jurisdictions. It is nice to get "external to my state" perspectives.
  3. There is and has been a big picture conversation with regards to the steering of forensic science in the nation. I am proud to be a part of a team who has a situational awareness to this and is passionate about getting involved so that forensic science practitioners can at least try to help shape perceptions and hopefully contribute to the direction we are heading.

-Director Jennifer Naugle
Wisconsin DFS
If serving on the ASCLD Board of Directors is something that interests you, please feel free to contact any one of us current or past board members with any questions. If you are interested in learning more about how to apply for candidacy, please contact Chair of the Nominations and Awards Committee Dr. Scott O’Neill or our Executive Director John Byrd.
Have a terrific week!

Be well,

Erin P. Forry
ASCLD President
ASCLD monthly board meeting, 3rd Friday of every month

Next meeting: February 19th, 2021 at 1:00pm EST
Weekly News and Resources
The ASCLD Forensic Research Committee is proud to announce the next
episode of a virtual “Lightning Talks” series to highlight new and emerging
research in all areas of forensic science.

Each episode will feature three short talks given by practitioners, researchers, and/or students. The fifth episode will be held on Thursday March 4th at 1:00 EST and will focus on Non-Targeted Forensic Toxicology. It will feature talks by Dr. Alex Krotulski from CSFRE on comprehensive testing using high resolution mass spectrometry, Dr. Luke
Rodda from the San Francisco OCME on effective toxicology testing schemes,
and Dr. Markus Meyer from Saarland University on the role of phase II conjugates in non-targeted analysis. The live event is limited to 100 people. To register, visit

ASCLD has a few award opportunities with deadlines listed below. If you have any questions, please contact and your questions will be forwarded to Nominations & Awards committee chair, Director Scott O’Neill.

deadline April 30th

Also, please continue to submit your photos to social media with the hashtag #ASCLDfun
Here are some photos of forensic science in action!
Is your laboratory doing something exciting like building a new lab, incorporating new standards or tackling and overcoming operational challenges during COVID? Are you interested in submitting an article for publication in the CLM? Please submit articles electronically to 
ASCLD Partnerships
Community Research, Newsletters, and Surveys
ASB updates from ANSI Standards Action
To view a summary of items of interest to ASB members in ANSI Standards Action, visit the ANSI Standards Action Weekly Report folder on the ASB Workspace page. Please contact if you have difficulties logging on to the Workspace site.
Funding Opportunities
For the most up to date Funding Opportunities visit:

Standards Corner

The Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science monthly Standards Bulletin is now available. Read about the latest DNA standard to be added to the OSAC Registry and the nine other standards currently open for Registry comment. Also learn about the recently published toxicology and footwear and tire standards, the eight standards open for comment at standards developing organizations, and the new documents being initiated. 
August 22-26, 2021 | Together Toward Tomorrow | Boston, MA
The ASCLD 2021 Symposium will be held at the Westin Copley in Boston’s historic Back Bay August 22-26, 2021.

Are you interested in presenting at ASCLD 2021? Click HERE to submit an abstract.

Continue to watch the 2021 ASCLD Symposium website here. for important updates. If you have any questions, please contact our Symposium Chair, Laura Sudkamp,
NEDIAI would like to announce that they are offering FREE Webinars for the months of March/April. The following forensic track webinars will be given FREE through our ZOOM platform (see attachment). These are free to members in good standing.

If you are interested and would like to attend these webinars for FREE, please fill out the membership update contact form, which can be found at this link:

The fee for the NEDIAI membership renewal is $25.00, which can be paid via our link to PayPal: or you may send a check to NEDIAI, PO Box 3044, Kingston RI 02881.

Webinar Schedule
ANAB - Upcoming training events

The pandemic changed how we do business and we quickly learned that online live training is both possible and, with the right tools and approach, highly effective. Bringing participants from around the world with different backgrounds and experiences into a single session enriched the experience for everyone involved.. Although we hope to return to in-person training in the second half of 2021, we are committed to continuing to provide online live options for all our training moving forward.  With the ability to reach wider audiences, we are expanding offerings of current courses in Spanish. 
Starting in Spring 2021, the following courses will be available live online in Spanish:
  • Forensic Technical Assessor
  • Forensic ISO/IEC 17025 Internal Auditor
  • Risk-based Thinking for Forensic Service Providers
We are also excited to introduce our new courses:oratories and Inspection:
Basic Statistics for Laboratories and Inspection BodiesThis course will introduce basic statistical techniques for collecting, organizing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data. Participants will strengthen their knowledge base of statistical techniques and their application to ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17025, and build confidence in the validity and reliability of their results. More..
Verification and Validation for Laboratories and Inspection Bodies. This course provides an introduction to the validation and verification of analytical methods and the common elements of a validation or verification plan. In addition, a general approach to performing a validation or verification will be reviewed along with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements for validation and verification of methods. More…
We continue our monthly Webinars and stay tuned for information about upcoming Feature Sessions.

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Donations to ASCLD can now be made online! This is a great way to honor the memory of a forensic colleague, to commemorate a life event for that person who has everything, or to otherwise assist in supporting the tireless efforts of the ASCLD organization in the pursuit of excellence in forensic science management. The donation page can be accessed by clicking HERE or by visiting the ASCLD website and clicking on "Donate to ASCLD" under the "Member Site" tab (this donation page is accessible even to non-members). Please consider donating and do share this information with anyone you think might be interested.
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