May 2018

Volume 33, Issue 8
Akron-Canton Section Newsletter
We hope to see you at our Annual Spouses and Friends Social on Thursday, May 24, as we ride a trolley around town for an Akron Brewery Tour.  We are looking forward to celebrating our profession with friends and colleagues!
President's Message

At our April dinner meeting at the charming Chateau Michele in Canton, we recognized seven graduating University of Akron ASCE Student Chapter members. These students ranked at the top in ASCE participation and displayed leadership with their peers. I placed a white silk stole on each student with the help of Student Chapter President Fadi Rabadi. The stoles bear the ASCE insignia to complement their gown at the graduation ceremony. I told the students to work hard, be loyal to their profession, and be loyal to their professional society.  These young graduating men and women are just beginning their careers, having learned a lot from their college studies, and having realized the importance of being an ASCE member. Their involvement in ASCE will hopefully last throughout their careers.
I urge you to actively participate in ASCE, and give back a bit of time and energy to your profession. You can do this by speaking to or advising our students. Becoming a committee chair, or even a board officer, is worthwhile experience to grow your leadership skills. An officer on our section board begins as treasurer, then moves to secretary, then to vice-president, and then to president. Past presidents are asked to serve in advisory capacity.
It is a pleasure to serve as your ASCE section president. We always learn something new at our monthly section meetings and look forward to hearing from colleagues in our community speak about new local projects and initiatives. And at the same time we earn the PDHs needed to renew our licenses. ASCE membership provides a great value indeed!
I hope to see you at our May Spouses and Friends event!

Gregg Loesch

RSVP by Friday, May 18 via Eventbrite
Meet at Thirsty Dog, 587 Grant Street from 5-6pm
Trolleys leave at 6pm sharp!

Engineering Reconnaissance  in Puerto Rico
after Hurricanes Irma and Maria
Dr. Daniel Pradel, Geotechnical Expert and Professor at The Ohio State University, to Speak at The University of Akron on May 3rd

In September 2017, two Category 5 hurricanes had devastating effects across the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico - first, hurricane Irma, and ten days later, hurricane Maria.  Because many slopes in Puerto Rico were saturated when Maria made landfall, this caused widespread damage, numerous fatalities, and an ongoing major humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. Geotechnical related damage from Maria included numerous landslides, mudflows, foundation scour, pile failures, etc. Additionally, Maria devastated the island power grid and water supply systems, and resulted in major flooding. Dr. Pradel went to Puerto Rico to turn this disaster into knowledge by collecting important and perishable post-disaster geotechnical and foundation engineering data in order to advance our understanding of extreme events. This knowledge will be used by scientists, engineers, and officials to improve designs, building codes, safety of populations, and the resilience of our infrastructure. Dr. Pradel will share his observations and findings during a presentation at The University of Akron on May 3, 2018, from 12:00pm-1:00pm, at the Student Union, Room 312. Admission is free and a pizza lunch will be served. Everyone is welcome to attend.

ASCE Honors go to University of Akron Seniors
We congratulate the University of Akron Students who received ASCE honors  during the joint ASCE/ASHE meeting on April 19, 2018 i n recognition of their involvement with the ASCE Student Chapter at the U of A. To be eligible for this honor, students must have met the minimum required 10 service hours, have participated in one outreach and one fundraising event, and have agreed to pledge one year to ASCE after graduation. These graduating seniors were presented with embroidered satin stoles to be worn with their cap and gown. Congratulations, U of A seniors!!
ASCE Honored Seniors (l to r) Emily Green, Rich Vineyard, 
Tyler Monaco, Jaden Beachy, Kristen Farrell, Kayla Hillegass, Nate Otermat

2018 ASCE Awards Season is Here!

Call for Nominations!  Please consider  nominating an outstanding engineer  for either of these two awards:
  • Wendell R. LaDue Civil Engineer Award
  • Gary W. Johnson Young Civil Engineer Award
Students! Please consider applying for this  scholarship opportunity:
  • ASCE Memorial Scholarships
For more information on these awards and scholarship, click here: 

For questions about the awards and scholarship, please email Jennie Celik at

Nominations and Application deadlines have been extended to May 18.
Akr on Waterways Renewed! begins 
Construction Site Trolley Tours
OCIT 1 Drop Shaft

OCIT 3 Drop Shaft

Muck yard for excavated material from Rosie, the OCIT tunnel boring machine

The Akron Waterways Renewed!  program is offering two-hour trolley tours of the completed and active sewer construction projects around the City of Akron in 2018. Attendees will learn about the ongoing Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT) work by visiting a variety of basins and green infrastructure sites, as well as learn about the history of the canal.

Update on Rosie's Progress
Rosie, the tunnel boring machine for the  Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT) project, has advanc ed more than 1,788' , approximately 29% of her total journey.    
Ohio Contractors Association led by Mark Miller in 2018

Mark Miller, 2018 OCA Chairperson
ASCE Akron-Canton Section
Past President
The Ohio Contractors Association (OCA) is being led in 2018 by our own  Mark Miller , who  served as the ASCE Akron-Canton Section President from 2015-2016

As OCA  Chairperson,  Mark is committed to promoting workforce development for construction in Ohio by supporting the "I Build America-Ohio" program, which helps increase career interest for the construction industry. He also has a goal of advancing consideration of additional infrastructure funding at the federal and state levels.

Mark is also a member of the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE), the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and is President of the Copley-Norton Lions Club. He is the President and chief operating officer of PS Construction Fabrics, a specialty contractor and material supplier headquartered in Wadsworth. Congratulations, Mark!
The University of Akron Student Chapter News

Monster's Hockey Game
The ASCE Student Chapter enjoyed themselves at a Cleveland Monsters hockey game, where the networked with fellow engineering students. This event was successful in creating new relationships and strengthening existing relationships between all the engineering students. The students, especially the upperclassmen, shared experiences with each other. 

(Back row, l to r) William Shea, Monica Moody, Erika Howard
(Front row, l to r) Joseph Soneson, Fadi Rabadi, Alec Perkins
(Not pictured: Jaden Beachy, Kristen Farrell, Nate Otermat,
Rich Vineyard, Logan Jacobs, and Tyler Monaco)

Goodyear Career Day for Middle School Students
On April 21, The University of Akron ASCE Student Chapter was represented at the Goodyear Career Day to encourage middle school students to pursue a degree in engineering, most preferably Civil Engineering. The ASCE Student Chapter representatves discussed the impact that Civil Engineers have in today's world. They also spoke about the Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe Teams at the University of Akron and the benefits of being active in the ASCE design teams.

(l to r) Elaina Pattitas, Thomas Sheldon, and Liam Mathews
(Not pictured: Fadi Rabadi)

Our University of Akron Student Chapter is not only dedicated to keeping their chapter strong, but is also  giving back to our community, and attracting today's best and brightest middle school students to the exciting and fulfilling field of Civil Engineering. Thank you, Student Chapter, for all you do to promote our profession!

If you would like to invest in our  profession's future by becoming a Student Chapter Corporate or Individual Sponsor, please  click here  for more information.
Are you a Civil Engineer Interested in Becoming a Professional Surveyor?

The University of Akron College of Applied Science and Technology recently developed a Certificate of Surveying for Civil Engineers consisting of six web-based and online courses. This certificate is for those engineers with an EAC/ABET-accredited B.S.C.E. degree who wish to be eligible for eventual registration as a Professional Surveyor.

The six required courses that make up the certificate are design ed to meet the academic content and minimum ORC requirements of 16 seme ster hours in the required subject areas. The graduate would be responsible to also meet and document the experience requirement before qualifying fully for the PS exam in Ohio.
The University has an ambitious schedule of classes planned for the upcoming 8-week summer sessions. All six of the certificate classes are planned for summer offerings. Typically, the University also offers three classes in the fall and three in the spring semester as well. Enrollment officially begins in mid-March. If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact:
Gary Schuller, Surveying & Mapping Program Director
College of Applied Science and Technology
The University of Akron
Akron, Ohio  44325-6104

For a full course description, please click here.
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