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With autumn upon us and the many holidays on the horizon, we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable season.  
This weekend I travel to Denver to attend Dr. Lucy J. Miller’s retirement party. Her innovative research on various forms of sensory processing has provided clinicians and researchers much insight into our understanding of autism. Thank you Dr. Miller!
Finally, we know you'll hear from many deserving charities during the upcoming season of giving - we hope you will keep ARI on your list. 

Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Research Updates
Study finds interoception is impaired in children, not adults, with ASD
A new study suggests that children, but not adults, with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have impairments in interoception.

Interoception is the ability to sense the internal state of the body—for instance, to accurately identify sensations such as hunger, thirst, pain, and internal temperature.
Study finds more evidence for GI link to behavioral disturbances
A study from the University of Missouri adds to evidence that behavior problems in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can be an indication of gastrointestinal (GI) distress.
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We are committed to connecting research study teams to members of the community. You or a loved one may be eligible to participate. 
Plan Ahead For The Holiday Season
Family Gatherings? Halloween? Tools to avoid an overload
Autumn brings its joys – and potential challenges – for people with autism. Check out our list of tips and online resources from around the web that can help you plan for the festive months to come.
Friends and Family - What to say
As a friend or a family member of a loved one who has recently received an autism diagnosis, it can be challenging to know the right way to be supportive. Read "10 Things Parents with Loved Ones on the Autism Spectrum Would Love to Hear," written by the friends and families of people with autism.
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Fragile X and ASD

Dr. Randi Hagerman
UC Davis MIND Institute

1 p.m. Eastern (US), Oct 23rd

 Dr. Sue Swedo
National Institute of Mental Health

1 p.m. Eastern (US), Nov 6th
From Our Webinar Archives
Watch now: Sensory Processing & ASD - Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR-L
As a founder of the first comprehensive Sensory Processing Disorder research program nationwide, Dr. Miller's name is synonymous with sensory research, education, and treatment.
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