Monthly News | June 2020


Summer is coming soon and I know it will be very different for most families as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Here at ARI, we are continuing to leverage technology to move forward with our key initiatives, including our research grant program and online webinars. I have also been co-editing a book on anxiety in autism, and I am pleased to announce it will be heading to press later this year.
The tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month must spark a change for us to be better as a society. ARI stands against prejudice and racism and urges empathetic conversation with the goal of treating all people with dignity and respect.

Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
ARI News
ARI’s New Global Network
The Autism Research Institute recently began networking parent support groups worldwide. The goal is to improve communication among support groups and to inform the international autism community of the current state of the science regarding the underlying biology of ASD, as well as evidence-based treatments. If you are a representative of a parent network group, please email our outreach coordinator . Please include your website address and/or brief summary of your mission.
Research Updates
Autism Traits in Childhood Linked to Eating Disorders in Adolescence
Children with social difficulties are more likely than those without to develop disordered eating by age 14, according to a new study.
Pets Ease Stress for Kids with ASD and Their Parents, Study Finds
“As pets can help increase social interaction and decrease anxiety, we found that they are not only helpful in providing comfort and support to children with autism, but to their parents as well.”
Free Webinar 6/10:
Transition to Adulthood
Tune in to hear Stephen Shore, Ed.D. share insights gleaned from growing up with autism, navigating school, and finding his role in education and advocacy.
Free Webinar 7/1:
The Ins and Outs of Dating

Tune in to learn strategies for individuals on the autism spectrum interested in dating, presented by Aarti Naar, Ph.D. of Dapretto Lab at the Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center at UCLA.
COVID-19 resources and coping stories
Coping with COVID-19: ARI's Live Webinars, Social Stories Help Families Cope
ARI has created a resource page for families, researchers, and practitioners.

Free presentations offering evidence-based strategies to manage at home during extended school closures
Social stories and short videos on hygiene and medical procedures
Physician resources for managing patients diagnosed with autism
COVID-19 Social Stories - in English and Espa ñol
Our COVID-19 social stories on handwashing, mask wearing, social distancing, and more are all now available in English and Español. Please share.
Life At Home: Share your Stories of Coping During the COVID-19 pandemic
Thi s year, we asked families to share photos during Autism Awareness Month. In this unprecedented time, we shared your snapshots and stories about life at home. We have truly enjoyed reading your submissions and sharing them with our community. For now, we are leaving the portal open for anyone who still wishes to share their story; we would love to hear from you!
Making a Difference in 2020 and Beyond
Research is the Key to the Future 
We're moving research forward
Learn about our efforts to look for common ground for collaboration and spearhead efforts to accelerate progress in autism research and education.
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