Monthly News |February 2020

Busy days are ahead in the weeks to come. We are preparing for our annual think tank set for early April, recruiting speakers for the eighth annual international conference in Moscow, expanding our worldwide network, finalizing an edited book on anxiety in autism, and much more.
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Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Research Updates
How the Autonomic Nervous System May Govern Anxiety in Autism
A branch of the peripheral nervous system known as the autonomic nervous system (ANS), is of growing interest in autism research. Later this year, Emily and Manuel Casanova will present a webinar on their research.
Cell Danger Response Biology – New Perspective
A new paper, partially funded by ARI, describes cell danger response biology—the new science that connects environmental health with mitochondria and the rising tide of chronic illness .
Participate in Research: Screening ASD Risk in Newborns With a Drop of Blood
Can a new test of 1000 chemicals in a dried blood spot help to predict the future risk of autism? Researchers are seeking participants ages 3-10 for phase II of a newborn risk study.
ARI Happenings
2º Congresso Internacional sobre o Transtorno do espectro Autista: atualização clínica e científica
South American readers - experts, including Dr. Edelson and some ARI webinar speakers, will be convening in Rio de Janeiro for a conference in August on clinical and research updates in autism.
2020 Scientific Advisory Panel Announced
ARI’s Scientific Advisory Panel provides informed support and direction for our research initiatives. Learn about the thought leaders in the medical and scientific community who help guide ARI’s ongoing commitment to research that makes a difference .
New: ATEC available in Macedonian
Thank you to Dr. Vladimir Trajkovski of Saints Cyril and Methodius University for his work translating the ATEC survey into Macedonian. The ATEC is now available in 22 languages.
Upcoming Webinars
Free Webinar 3/11:
Promoting play and social skills at recess
Learn about evidence-based strategies for promoting play and social skills at recess for school-aged students.
Free Webinar 3/25:
Anxiety, Autism, and the Five Prime Suspects
Learn about factors that contribute to the high levels of anxiety seen in autism and learn concrete and actionable strategies for parents, teachers, and therapists.
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