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As I write this, I am reflecting on how very challenging these times are for many families, particularly with the beginning of a new school year upon us. The Autism Research Institute was among the first autism organizations to connect families with information they needed, and we remain committed to providing innovative tools, research updates, and educational resources for the autism community.
It is in the best interest of the autism community that healthcare providers, at all levels of service, keep abreast of the latest scientific developments in the field of autism. ARI publishes Clinical Research in Autism, a free bimonthly e-newsletter aimed at informing obstetricians, pediatricians, and nurses about recent peer-reviewed studies that are relevant to the practice. Anyone can subscribe, and we encourage subscribers to tell their child's physicians and staff about this informative e-newsletter.

Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
ARI News
Online Now at Tips for Identifying Good Scientific Research
Whether you are an individual with autism or a parent to a loved one, you may want to stay informed about scientific research related to ASD. You can find information on the internet and other media channels, but how accurate is that information? Knowing how to understand research studies can help you find reliable and relevant information that is based on science. 
ARI's ATEC Survey is Now Available in Vietnamese
With the addition of Vietnamese, ARI is pleased to be able to offer our Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) in 23 languages. We would like to thank Quynh Kieu, M.D. and Project Vietnam Foundation for this translation.
ARI’s New Global Network
ARI recently began networking parent support groups worldwide. The goal is to improve communication among support groups and to inform the international community of the current state of the science regarding the underlying biology of ASD, as well as evidence-based treatments. If you are a representative of a parent network group, please email our outreach coordinator. Please include your website address and/or a brief summary of your mission.
Research Updates
Reducing Levels of Tau Prevents Symptoms of Autism from Developing in Mouse Models of ASD
Reducing levels of a protein called tau prevents seizures and symptoms of autism from occurring in two separate mouse models of autism, according to a recent study. While tau has never been linked to autism, it is known to play a role in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodevelopmental conditions.
Participants Needed: ASD COVID-19 Study
The Johnson Center for Child Health and Development is conducting an online, questionnaire-based study to assess the psychosocial and behavioral impact of COVID-19 on children with autism. The data obtained will be used to inform educational, behavioral, clinical, and mental health professionals to determine how to better support families with a child with ASD.
Free Webinar 8/19:
Transition to Adulthood Family-Centered Planning
Learn the processes for implementing a Family-Centered Transition Planning model for teens and young adults.
Free Webinar 9/23:
Multidisciplinary Care and ASD
Tune in to learn about the components of a multidisciplinary care center for individuals with autism.
COVID-19 resources and coping stories
Did you miss this month's webinar on preparing for back-to-school during the pandemic? Watch the playback now at
Coping with COVID-19: ARI's Live Webinars, Social Stories Help Families Cope
Free presentations offering evidence-based strategies to manage at home during extended school closures
Social stories and short videos on hygiene and medical procedures
Physician resources for supporting patients diagnosed with autism
Life At Home: Share your Stories of Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic
This year, we asked families to share photos during Autism Awareness Month. In this unprecedented time, we shared your snapshots and stories about life at home. We have truly enjoyed reading your submissions and sharing them with our community. For now, we are leaving the portal open for anyone who still wishes to share their story; we would love to hear from you!
Making a Difference in 2020 and Beyond
Research is the Key to the Future 
We're moving research forward
Learn about our efforts to look for common ground for collaboration and spearhead efforts to accelerate progress in autism research and education.
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