Volume 2, Issue 4

March 17, 2024

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Philip Surrey, March Winds from ARABELLA's It Starts with a Dream



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Step into the vibrant world of Angela Morgan, a talented artist who brings her childhood memories of rural Saskatchewan to life on canvas. ​ With a playful and expressive style, Angela's paintings capture the essence of prairie life and celebrate the unique personalities and quirks of the people she grew up with. ​ From thunderstorms to spring rains, Angela's art is a joyful tribute to her roots. ​ Inspired by renowned creators and fueled by her own imagination, Angela's paintings are a feast for the eyes. ​ Join Angela on a journey through her artistic process, from her studio nestled in the picturesque mountains of Fernie, BC to the galleries that showcase her captivating artwork. 

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Gallery Representation:

Adele Campbell Fine Art Gallery, Whistler, BC 

Mountainside Gallery, Collingwood, ON

Trinity Galleries, Saint John, NB 


Lise Labbe's art is a celebration of childhood innocence, a love-letter to simpler times. Born in Montreal, Labbe's passion reignited when she painted her son's window blinds, leading her to become one of Canada's foremost Art Naif painters. Her vibrant canvases breathe life into scenes of children at play, each brushstroke infused with the warmth of unconditional love. Nestled near a river in her Laurentian haven, Lise finds inspiration in nature's whispers, infusing her studio with wonder. Despite initial doubts, Lise's dedication to capturing childhood love shines through in every stroke. With each masterpiece, she invites viewers to rediscover the joy within. As she continues to paint childhood happiness, Lise's art serves as a timeless reminder of the boundless love that surrounds us.

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Gallery Representation:



John Ovcacik developed an interest in art as a young boy and has continued to pursue it throughout his life. ​ He started with watercolors and later switched to acrylics, focusing on architectural subjects. In 1993, he relocated to Chelsea, Quebec, and decided to focus on his art full-time. His style shifted to surreal landscapes with simplified rural buildings, often featuring a solitary farmhouse or outbuilding. ​ In 2015, he made a significant change in his style, moving towards more visceral and stylized images that were fun and whimsical. He drew inspiration from fly-fishing and began incorporating animal subjects into his work with stylized, whimsical images with simple compositions. Despite the challenges of facing a blank canvas and occasional self-doubt, he has continued to create and display his work in galleries and local establishments while believing his art can contribute to positive changes in society, particularly in our relationship with the natural world.


Gallery Representation:



Welcome to the extraordinary world of Marc Galipeau, a renowned Quebec artist whose paintings are a testament to his boundless imagination and creative spirit. With a distinctive style that combines vibrant colors, whimsical shapes, and a touch of spontaneity, Marc's artworks captivate viewers and transport them into a realm of effervescence and vivacity. ​ In this article, we invite you to explore Marc's journey as an artist, from his humble beginnings in a small village in Quebec to his international success. ​ Through his paintings, Marc invites us to embrace the joy of life, to discover the hidden stories within each canvas, and to embark on a visual adventure that will leave us inspired and enchanted. ​ Join us as we delve into the world of Marc Galipeau and experience the magic of his artistry.

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Gallery Representation:

LE BALCON D'ART,  Montréal, QC

Our new series, "It's Worth the Drive," beckons you to rediscover the joy of exploration through the enchanting world of art galleries. This invitation isn't just to view art; it's a call to immerse in the vibrant narratives and emotions that each gallery unfolds, transforming ordinary days into extraordinary experiences. Contact us to be a part of this engaging feature!


Butter Gallery, Collingwood, ON

Eclipse Gallery, Huntsville, ON

Summer & Grace Gallery, Oakville, ON

Webster Galleries, Calgary, AB

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