APRIL 2019 Newsletter
Southern Industrial Contractors PILE DRIVING DIVISION consists of crawler cranes
ranging from 75 tons to 450 tons and specialized support equipment such as MKT drills,
jet pumps, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers, along with fabricated steel templates to
ensure driving tolerances. SIC has installed over 1 million linear feet of deep foundations,
drill piers, concrete piles, wood piles, sheet piles, H-piles, and pipe piles ranging
from 12" to 84" diameters with lengths up to 150 feet.
Southern Industrial Contractors recently installed a new cofferdam system that was needed to construct a new rolling mill deep concrete foundation in Charleston, South Carolina. This cofferdam system required the installation of over 600 linear feet of 40 foot NZ-26 sheet piles which were supplied by Skyline Steel. SIC utilized our American 9310A crawler crane along with
an MKT-20B vibratory hammer with a 325-HP power pack to initially set the new sheet piles.
The sheets were then driven to grade utilizing a HPSI 500 vibratory hammer being powered by a 700-HP power pack. This new cofferdam system was designed by
Southern Industrial Contractors and Geotechnology, Inc.
Southern Industrial Contractors recently constructed a project along the Gulf Coast that consisted of over 2,700 concrete piles. The vertical and battered concrete pilings on this project were primarily 18-inch and 24-inch piles that were up to 102 feet in length. SIC approached the pile installation by standing and jetting the piles with a three-stage Peerless high-velocity jet pump capable of producing over 1,400 gallons of jet water per minute. SIC utilized APE and Delmag D-36 diesel hammers (max rated energy 90,540 foot pounds) for driving the 18-inch concrete piles and an APE D-70 diesel hammer (max rated energy 173,644 foot pounds)
for driving the 24-inch concrete piles. SIC used several of our 100 to 230 ton
lattice boom crawler cranes to assist with this work.
Southern Industrial Contractors installed the concrete pilings for a new bridge that was constructed for the Arkansas Highway Department. The 18-inch concrete piles on this
project were manufactured by FS Pre-Stress. SIC utilized an MKT HA-18A 14-inch dimaeter
auger which was powered by a hydraulic power pack to pre-bore the intended pile location
prior to installing the concrete piling. The 18-inch concrete piles were all
driven to grade utilizing a Delmag D-36 diesel hammer.
Southern Industrial Contractors installed a new log crane foundation for a wood products facility. The original log crane foundation which was constructed of ballast and cross ties had
started to fail, and the decision was made to replace the existing foundation with a
pile-supported concrete foundation. SIC utilized an MKT-20B vibratory hammer to
initially drive the 40-foot H-piles and followed up with a D-16 diesel hammer for
driving the piles to grade. This new pile-supported concrete
log crane foundation was completed in less than 3 weeks.
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Southern Industrial Contractors is a full-service construction firm specializing in:

  • Site work, drilling & blasting, rock removal
  • Pile Driving (H-Piles, concrete pilings, auger-cast, drill piers, sheet piling)
  • Concrete Foundations/Slabs/Structures/Walls/Pits, Concrete Paving
  • Concrete Demo/Crushing/Recycling
  • Heavy Equipment Foundations
  • Mechanical / Equipment Installation
  • Crawler Crane Services/Rigging (450 tons cranes)
  • Structural Steel Fabrication/Erection
  • Pre-engineered metal building erection
  • Utility Installation, Fireline, Storm Drain, Gas Line