February 2024

Ultrasonic Cleaning of Precision Optics

Ultrasonic cleaning is crucial for precision optics, utilizing high-frequency sound waves to generate cavitation bubbles for efficient contaminant removal. The process ensures non-destructive, uniform cleaning across various optical components of various materials. Learn more about factors like material compatibility, contaminant specificity, and environmental impact from NGL who specializes in formulating and manufacturing cleaning and surface preparation consumables. To read the article click HERE.

Thank you for attending the 2024 APOMA Annual Meeting!

Thank you to all of our members that were able to attend the APOMA Annual Meeting at SPIE's Photonics West 2024 in San Francisco, CA. If you were unable to join us, PDFs of the meeting presentations are now available at the following link to the APOMA website:

APOMA Annual Meeting 2024

Save the date for the 2024 APOMA Tech Workshop!

The APOMA biennial Tech Workshop will be held in New Orleans, LA on October 8–11, 2024. Featuring two days of presentations from experts in the field sharing insights, advancements, and practical knowledge related to optics manufacturing. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, challenges, and solutions through engaging presentations and events. This workshop provides a unique opportunity for participants to exchange ideas, foster collaboration, and stay abreast of the rapidly evolving landscape of optical manufacturing. 

Attendees will also enjoy a tour of the LIGO Livingston, LA location which offers an awe-inspiring journey into the heart of gravitational wave detection. Visitors will experience firsthand the cutting-edge technology and precision engineering that make LIGO a forefront observatory. From the massive 4 kilometer arms of the interferometer to the intricate optics that detect minuscule spacetime ripples, the tour provides a captivating glimpse into the scientific marvel that is LIGO.

More information will be available soon, watch your email for updates!

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