Fall 2020

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Dear valued member,

Even though our flagship Tech Workshop has been postponed until 2022, we still have many resources to share with you.

The APOMA network is a valuable resource for your organization with over 120 optical companies at your fingertips. The vast knowledge of our members allows you instant peer outreach to solve whatever obstacles are in front of you.

Stay tuned for monthly releases of industry exclusives and white-papers from APOMA members. Click below for members-only access to a fascinating piece from Jessica DeGroote Nelson of Optimax Systems. If you have misplaced your website login, please contact us at email: apoma.org@gmail.com

Lee Steneken
APOMA Board President-Elect and 2022 Tech Workshop Chair
Call for 2021 APOMA Board Nominations

We have begun operating under the revised APOMA Bylaws, and will look to vote and ratify them at our 2021 annual meeting. At this point we are planning our upcoming annual meeting for Photonics West (approx. 8:30am, Wed. March 10, 2021). If an in-person meeting is not feasible, we will pursue a virtual option. Anyone who has questions or concerns is encouraged to contact the Board at apoma.org@gmail.com

Officer Nominations/Elections
The Board is seeking nominations for three Board positions this fall. Secretary, Treasurer and one At-Large member are currently open for nomination. At-large directors are those who represent either Corporate or Associate members. The following year (2022) four more positions will open up: President Elect, two At-Large members and Academic member.

The Board is interested in broadening its industry representation. We would like to see numerous applicants from across the USA. For many years the Board make-up has been relatively narrow given the limited number of nominees that have been put forth. Going forward, it is our intent that a much more diverse and numerous panel of candidates be offered to our membership for election.

We ask that you consider throwing your hat into the nomination ring by submitting yourself or convincing a colleague to apply. The nomination process is currently open and will close February 16, 2021. Nominations can be sent to Jim Sydor, APOMA Secretary, at email: jim@sydor.com

In keeping with the revised APOMA Bylaws, nominees for Treasurer need to have served at least one term on the APOMA Board.

General Comment
Your Board has been meeting via ZOOM regularly in an effort to keep us all moving forward in the face of unusual headwinds. It is our belief that the work that has been going on during this time of isolation will pay dividends to our membership in the long run. We are making progress in areas of grant funding for optics manufacturing research and workforce training. We will be providing more information on these initiatives as advances warrant. Outreach to us is encouraged at apoma.org@gmail.com and we look forward to your enthusiastic engagement in 2021.
Focus on - Optics Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeships!

Is your company experiencing a shortage of technicians? Are you looking for a skilled technical workforce to support your growth? You may be able to strengthen and retain your technical workforce through an Optics Manufacturing Technician apprenticeship program.

An apprenticeship program at your company can provide:
  • A more stable workforce
  • Long-term career opportunities for your employees
  • An established framework for skill and salary progression
  • Improved attendance and job satisfaction
  • Reduced turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality

A registered apprenticeship is a structured earn and learn program that requires both on-the-job learning and related technical instruction provided by educational and training institutions. 

Significant grant funding and tax credits are available for companies creating Registered Apprenticeships.

Monroe Community College’s Optical Systems Technology program is working to expand Optics Manufacturing Technician apprenticeships around the country. Ross Micali recently joined the MCC optics program as National Work-based Learning Coordinator. He is here to assist you in identifying training needs and developing learning solutions. Ross can be reached at rmicali@monroecc.edu or (585) 202-1118.
Welcome New Member!

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Send us your Member News!

We invite you to take advantage of your new APOMA website and send us your news so we can post it on the site! The new site features sections for apprenticeship, ISO 10110, and compliance updates from our respective committees doing work in these important areas.

It also features a new form for posting your job opportunities. We will be using these sections more frequently moving forward. Check it out today!
For eNews and website submissions or general member questions, please contact: apoma.org@gmail.com .