Dear members of the Mosaic community:
We are thrilled to announce the site of this year's Jewish Outdoor Escape on Sept. 1 to 5 (Labor Day weekend). It will take place in Camp B'nai Brith, located just outside Canada's Capital City of Ottawa in Ontario, just over the border from Quebec.
This is a great location in an area where many Americans have never visited. It combines the cultural, political and architectural attractions of a world-class city with some amazing hiking in nearby Gatineau Park, one of Eastern Canada's premier outdoor destinations.
The Mosaic Board of Directors is in the process of finalizing our contract, but anyone who has been to our previous events knows what to expect -- multiple days of moderate hiking, water sports and trips to cultural sites in the area, along with nights filled with socializing, good food, entertainment and, on Shabbat, religious observance.
As always, we continue to look for eager members willing to step up and volunteer to organize this event and lead activities during the weekend, including a dedicated event chair or co-chairs. Interested parties should contact .
Here's a sneak-preview of some of the amazing sights and activities in this area: 
Located about a half-hour from Ottawa, Camp B'Nai Brith is built on forested land along the shore of the Ottawa River. Amenities include a regulation-sized ball hockey rink; large, sandy beaches with canoes and a full range of water activities; an indoor gym; miniature golf; and a host of other sports available. The camp is, of course, kosher. Housing will be a mixture of same-sex bunks and single- and double-occupancy options. Camping will also be available for those interested in bringing their own tents.
Ottawa is a reasonable drive from New York City and Boston, and an easy and affordable flying destination from major American cities. With the current exchange rate, this is an excellent time for Americans to visit Canada. Remember -- you will need a current passport (or enhanced drivers' license) to cross the border 
While we don't have a registration date or final cost yet, we will continue to bring you updates as planning continues for this exciting weekend. In the meantime, you can help this event become a success by spreading the word to members of your community.  

The Board would also like to thank Ray Ockrant of Toronto for his preliminary scouting work, along with Mosaic volunteers Norine Goodman and Tamara Heitner for their assistance in locating this site. Mosaic is looking forward to continue to work with them and many other members of the Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario in the coming months as we prepare for this event. 
We look forward to seeing you this
September, if not before.

Hope you had a happy and festive Purim!
Board of Directors 
Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America

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