Join Us In Welcoming These Stellar Attorneys!

It has been our pleasure to welcome Kaley to our Family Law Practice Group. She comes to us with great experience and enthusiasm, and she is genuinely passionate about advocating for her clients. She fits in perfectly with our overall firm culture and meets every single one of the standards we demand of ourselves in our family law practice.

When the opportunity to bring Anthony to our First Party Insurance team was presented, we immediately jumped on it. He has immense expertise in his field for such a young attorney, he is a very hard worker and he will thrive in this environment. We feel that this move really strengthened our team and was consistent with our growth plans for this practice group.

- Michael Lundy, Managing Partner of OLDER LUNDY
Carl Mitchell

Class Title:
Lien Laws: 4 Things You Must Know

May 18th at 9:30
David Singer

Class Title:
Zoning & Permitting: Navigating the Zoning Process, Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

May 17th at 2:30
Dave Pettinato

Class Title:
Getting Claims Paid: Navigating the Ins & Outs of a Property Insurance Claim

May 17th at 2:30
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Morgan Wohkittel - Thank you, Morgan, for always being such a cheerful and helpful part of the team. Especially this year, you have truly stepped up in remarkable ways. I could not be more thankful for you and all you do!
- Monica Angel, Chief Strategy Officer

Jennifer McCabe - I have been VERY fortunate to have Jennifer McCabe as my office manager for nearly 25 years! She has got all of the attributes of a top of the line professional assistant – hard working, honest, loyal, and putting up with my ass. Jennifer gets along with everyone. Is great with clients. Utilizes her CPA talents in handling our financial matters. Our success is due in large part to Jennifer’s contributions. A nicer lady you will never meet.
- Ky Koch, Partner

Laura Giannelli - Thank you for your hard work and caring about the firm. I appreciate all you do.
- Brian Lefferts, Chief Financial Officer

Zoe Wills - Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the firm and for your positive attitude.
- Brian Lefferts, Chief Financial Officer

Aulbrey Weston - Aulbrey is always willing to lend a helping hand, with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. We are more than grateful to have her on team OLKM!
- Desereah Washington, Paralegal

Cindy Jones - Cindy Jones is a truly invaluable member of our team and rarely gets the recognition she deserves. She quietly does so many of the things that make this law firm operate smoothly on a day-to-day basis and she ALWAYS does her job. When Cindy says she will do something, it simply gets done, and correctly. We all appreciate you, Cindy. And please know that, individually, I really appreciate you.
- Michael Lundy, Managing Partner
OLDER LUNDY represented me in a very litigious divorce. The attorneys on my case were responsive with all forms of communication. They were also knowledgeable of the law which helped in both the settlement discussions and determination to litigate certain issues.

In watching many other attorneys in the courtroom and depositions over the years, I know I had the best firm behind me and would recommend them to anyone for any area of law.
- Brian (Google Review)