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2023 Year End Highlights

With appreciation to supporters like you, Austere Medical Professionals (AMP) continues to provide exemplary wilderness emergency medical services to members of the public and the public safety community. This service, which exceeds the level of advanced life support, fills a gap in access to medical care in wilderness and austere environments.

AMP began 2023 with a full working Board and committee structure. Membership grew steadily, even as some members relocated to new geographic areas for work or study. New members join each month, resulting in a comprehensive team of wilderness EMTs, nurses, paramedics, doctors, and radio/communications experts.

AMP is excited to announce a new partnership with the Frederick City Watershed. AMP is now the go-to medically focused volunteer resource in support of major events occurring in this wilderness area.

Monthly on-line and in-person didactic trainings occurred regularly, often three trainings each month. 2023 highlights include scenarios providing important opportunities to hone wilderness medicine skills, nighttime land navigation, and deep dives on orthopedic injuries, patient assessment, and implementation of new protocols for management of massive bleeding and shock.

AMP supported several pre-planned missions including multiple Quantico Orienteering Club Orienteering events in the Frederick City Watershed, the Sheduro Mountain Bike Race, and the Navy Junior ROTC All Area 5 Orienteering Championships.

None of this is possible without generous supporters and grants. We are appreciative to BGE for awarding AMP with a 2023 Emergency Response & Safety Grant—AMP has been awarded this grant for several consecutive years and funds offset the cost of much needed medical equipment. The BGE grant, coupled with private donations, allowed us to reach our goal of purchasing a remote patient monitor, allowing AMP clinicians to closely monitor a patient’s vital signs while wrapped in a litter for carry out of the wilderness.

AMP 2023: By the Numbers

39 Trainings (33 Team + 6 Call Out Qualified)

16 Members completed or are pursuing topical education through nursing, paramedic, undergrad, or medical schools or are in residency or fellowships

10 Members identify as active military, retired military,

or Federal law enforcement officers

6 New members

6 States and 5 Maryland counties are home for AMP team members

4 Missions, with patient care provided at each

2 states recognize AMP as a licensed medical provider


The Importance of Hydration

Whether summer or winter, it is easy to become dehydrated in the wilderness. Observing the color of urine, with lighter colors indicating you are adequately hydrated, is an easy way to monitor hydration levels.

While it is important to maintain hydration, it is equally important to ensure an adequate intake of electrolytes during exercise to avoid having low levels of sodium in your blood, also known as hyponatremia—a life-threatening condition. AMP recommends hydration with oral rehydration solution to ensure the proper balance of fluid and electrolytes when involved in rigorous activities in the woods, on the water, when climbing, or on other outdoor adventures. Oral rehydration solution comes in a powder form and may be purchased online through various companies.

Thank you for your continued support.

The AMP Team wishes you a happy 2024—stay safe and enjoy the woods!

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AMP is a 501c3 organization. Donate HERE to help bring medicine to people in wilderness and austere environments.

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