FY 2020 Loss Control Incentive Program
The FY 2020 Loss Control Incentive Program is now available! This safety incentive program has returned over $2.5M to participating members since FY 2006. If you haven't been participating in the Loss Control Incentive Program, now is the time to get started! Earn up to 5% credit based on your annual contribution. This credit will be applied to your FY 2021 contribution. 

One printed copy of the program will also be mailed out to each member
The Loss Control Incentive Program has been revised for FY20. If you have been participating in the program, please note these changes:
  • You no not need to submit an annual resolution to participate in the program.
  • You must hold at least 6 monthly safety meetings, or participate in at least 6 safety teleconferences, to be eligible for credit in the program.
  • You may use certain AMLJIA Online University courses in place of the written model safety plans, as specified in the program instructions.
  • As an incentive for greater program participation, earn multi-activity credit when you complete at least 6 monthly safety meetings AND conduct facility self-inspections at least once during the year AND train all employees on at least one model safety plan. (Maximum annual credit earned for completion of all required activities in the program will remain 5% of annual contribution.)
If you have any questions about the Loss Control Incentive Program, please contact your Risk Control Specialist or Sharon Tunnell at 1-800-337-3682.