Each newsletter AMI will highlight various food trends throughout the year
For the people at Baja Jerky, life is their passion. The creators of the jerky are a family; explorers and adventurers who believe in shattering limits and reaching new heights. Baja Jerky was created to provide a snack that could keep up. Their perfectly tender jerky pushes boundaries with bold flavors — without being loaded with sugar and sodium
like other meat snacks.
Baja Jerky is also minimally processed by carefully crafting each bite without nitrates, nitrites, gluten, preservatives, or MSG. Whether it's chasing kids or chasing waves, they've got a flavorful snack that’s ready to come along for the ride. Available in a variety of flavors and sizes to suit any adventure!

Functional foods are best defined by the characteristic of doing more for one's health than simply providing decent nutrition. Functional foods are any food that has been linked with additional benefits such as helping protect against certain diseases, promoting the body's proper growth and development, and preventing nutrient deficiencies.
Introducing Bubba's Keto Nut Mix! This pack of nuts comes with nutritional benefits that far exceed just being consistent with a keto diet. Each 1.2 oz pouch has just 3g net carbs, and is also grain free, gluten free, vegan, and contains NO added sugar. Bubba's Keto Nut Mix comes in a variety of both savory and sweet flavors, and really helps get the FUN back in to functional foods.
Though raisins often are referred to as "Nature's Candy" the health benefits of eating them can't be understated. With just a couple of handfuls, raisins can supply you with your entire daily requirement of fiber.
You want something that is packed with Iron, Calcium, and Boron? Try a raisin, and then try raisins PLURAL (cause you're bound to love it)! Not only are you getting some essential vitamins, raisins are considered a functional food as they are an exceptional source of antioxidants too. Raisins naturally produce phytonutrients which research has shown help prevent various forms of cancer, heart disease, and even protect against strokes.
Sun-Maid Raisins aren't just making snacks for kids, in fact, they may be the best alternative to less healthy snacks for people of all ages. These new sour raisin snacks differ from what Grandma used to dish out because in each pouch are Sultanas, otherwise known as Golden Raisins, and though smaller in size, pack a sweeter punch. Sun-Maid Raisins are a WHOLE FRUIT that's gluten free, fat free, and has zero grams of added sugar.

Lizann Grupalo
AMI Wines Director of Business Development
When given the task of identifying a few of my favorite drinks, and further, giving some reason as to why they were, I came to the realization it was nearly impossible to separate the cocktail or glass of wine from the nostalgia of some particular place in time where I had the fortune of leisurely sipping them down. It doesn’t seem to be some memory of the drink I’ve had at home that’s recalled in short-order, but rather the drink I had when escaping from some of the normalcy and routine of domestic life; the drinks I’ve had abroad. 
In 2021 we will be traveling again (thankfully), after a year of streaming TV in attire most associated with its’ level of comfort, and “zooming”, somewhat ironically, as we sat nearly motionless in front of our home office computer screens. I want to write just a little on the places where I had some of my favorite drinks to celebrate both the drink itself, and the joy of travel I hope we are fortunate enough to do this year. 
I won’t forget the Passionfruit Mojito I had during a sunset on Phú Quốc Island in Vietnam as I enjoyed a reunion with friends from my college years. The drink came with cheer and conversation as we enjoyed the sunset on a fringed white sand beach.
Drinking a Pisco Sour today takes me back to the quaint courtyards of Peru, surrounded by lush garden landscape, where nightly I would indulge while dining al fresco.
And lastly, there’s the delightful white wine Galić Graševina while sailing through the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. It was perfect for the summer day as I soaked up the sun and enjoyed the stunning views of the deep azure sea and charming seaside towns as they passed by. Each time I have any wine even resembling the Galić Graševina, I find myself saying “Živjeli!”, and fondly remember all the locals who have helped me along the way expand my ever-increasing vocabulary on how to say “Cheers!”