Its been beyond difficult to stay quiet about this one...but the time has finally come...All New ORVIS HELIOS has landed!!

New fly rods come around often, but this one is a whole different animal. When Orvis Helios3 launched in 2018 we all thought to ourselves..."this rod is so far ahead of the curve how will anyone build anything better?" H3 has been the benchmark for accuracy and durability since its release. Apparently, it took Orvis going back to the drawing board...completely re-evaluating the process, materials and tapers to beat it's own H3...and beat it in spades. NEW HELIOS is 4x more accurate and 25% stronger than H3 (or any other fly rod in the market)...and absolutely breathtaking to cast.

Royal Gorge Anglers president and guide, Taylor Edrington was one of 20 field testers around the world to put the NEW Helios through the paces for the last 18 months. He's seen the rod evolve into the finished product that hit our racks today and will be the first to tell you this rod isn't your typical premium fly rod. "Simply put, Helios does what no other rod can do...its an absolute laser pointer and almost intuitive to cast" We encourage you to get to the flyshop and cast one to see what all the fuss is the meantime check out some of the great beta and videos we've prepared for you below on the tech behind HELIOS! Taylor has fished or tested nearly ever rod in the new Helios lineup, so if you have questions on saltwater rods, specialty rods, Taylor or call us at 719-371-4530. If you're in the market for a new rod, please realize that the first batch of these rods will go very, very fast! There is no pre-order on this rod...its available NOW and first come first serve!

CLICK HERE to shop available rods. Please note that some line weights will read "In-Transit, will ship within 1 week." Give us a call on these rods and we can get an order on file for you and ship it as soon as it lands...some rods are literally on the road headed to us! 719-371-4530

All New Orvis Helios Origin Story
New Orvis Helios Accuracy
All New Orvis Helios Fly Rod Durability
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Call Us at (719) 371-4530 to setup a time to cast HELIOS with Taylor...or swing by the flyshop ANYTIME!


We've had a very mild winter in the Royal Gorge Region thus far and we really haven't stopped fishing the Freestone. Some great days can be had in February with heavy Stonefly Molt activity on the near horizon! March, April and early May can be some of the best months of the year on the Arkansas River! Are you ready?? Call us with any questions or to get a guide trip on the books 719-371-4530! Prime Spring dates will book fast! CLICK HERE for more guide trip info.

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