SHB 1914 Scheduled for Floor Vote

You heard from us yesterday about SSB 5760.

TODAY, we're back in your inbox to share the fantastic news that SHB 1914 is now eligible for a floor vote. It's time to write your Representatives and ask them to VOTE YES on SHB 1914 when it is up for a vote on the floor. 

Please write TODAY as the bill can come up for a vote at any time! If passed, the bill would move to the Senate for consideration, getting us one step closer to the finish line!

Your communication can be short and sweet, 3-4 sentences tops! Here is what we suggest you include: 

  1. Who you are and how you are affiliated with the film industry
  2. Why you think it’s important to pass SHB 1914 (which would increase funding for the production incentive program to $20M a year!)
  3. Ask your Senator to VOTE YES ON SHB 1914 when it comes up for a vote on the Senate floor 
  4. Thank them for their time and consideration.

You can find contact information for your Representative here

Don’t know your legislative district? You can find that info here.

Need Inspiration? Here’s a sample email to get you started:

Subject Line: Vote Yes on SHB 1914 

Dear Representative X,

My name is (fill in your name) and I am a constituent that lives in your district and I work in the film industry as a (fill in your role). I am writing to express my support for SHB 1914 because it would attract more film production to Washington State and provide year-round work for our local cast and crew. This is important to me and I urge you to support SHB 1914 when it comes up for a vote on the House Floor.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

This is an ALL CALL ACTION ALERT, please write to your Representative today!

AND if you haven't already written your Senator here's the how-to!


There is one week left of session, and Amy broke down the status of each bill and what to expect in the next seven days. If you missed this week's update visit Washington Filmworks’ YouTube Channel to catch up.

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