Feb 14-17, 2017 - CI 101 Financial Analysis

Mar 7-10, 2017 - CI 102 Market Analysis

Sept 12-15, 2017 - CI 103 User Decision Analysis

Oct 30-Nov 2, 2017 - CI 104 Investment Analysis

All courses will be held at the Birmingham Association of Realtors.

Taking applications for the Chad Hagwood and J. Cotten Voman Scholarships for assistance in taking CCIM core courses. They are due on Friday, January 27th, and the recipient will be awarded at ACREcon on February 10th.

New AL Chapter Members
Glenn Davis, High Rise Realty
Jack Russell, Esq, Hand Arendall, LLC
Matthew Wilson Reilly, The Advantage Realty Group, Tuscaloosa
David McCullum, First US Bank

2017 Executive Committee
Rich Campbell, CCIM, 2017 President
Charles Robinson, CCIM, President Elect
Grayson Glaze, CCIM, CPM, Vice President
Steve Clikas, CCIM, Secretary/Treasurer
Sharon Wright, CCIM, District President
Bryan Holt, CCIM, Past President
Amy Adkins, Executive Admin
2017 Board of Directors
Jerome Moore, CCIM, Candidate Guidance
Bill Clements, CCIM, Designee Promo
Brooks Corr, CCIM, Education
Tom Carruthers, CCIM, Membership
Kathy Dennis, CCIM, Programs
Terri Dean, CCIM, Scholarships
Chad Hagwood, Sponsors
Patrick Agee, CCIM, Student Outreach

2017 Committee Members
Tyler Bradford, CCIM, Scholarships
Stan Huner, CCIM, Programs
Katy Lincoln, CCIM, Programs/Student Outreach
Bart Smith, CCIM, Huntville Programs
Lochrane Smith, Designee Promo
Sloan Stevens, CCIM, Designee Promo
Whit Bird, CCIM, Sponsors
2017 Gulf Coast District Officers
Sharon Wright, CCIM, District President
Terry McKinney, CCIM, President-Elect
Ralph Neal, CCIM, Vice President
Andrew Chason, CCIM, Treasurer
Shannon  Barnes, CCIM, Secretary
Pratt Thomas, CCIM, Past President
Ralph Neal, CCIM, Membership
Robert Cook, CCIM, Social


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Message from the President
As we close out 2016 I am most appreciative of my time on the CCIM Board of Directors for the Alabama Chapter.  I have met CCIM's and candidates from all corners of the state and its obvious why the Alabama Chapter is held in such high regard at all the national CCIM events I have attended over the years.  There is a longstanding tradition of excellence in the Alabama Chapter and it started long before my involvement.  Several former Alabama chapter leaders do us proud by their positions in the national organization.  Alabama Chapter alums Bill Moss, Charlie White, Barbara Crane and Tim Blair all hold positions at the national level.  We are most proud of Barbara Crane who was recently elected 1 st VP of the CCIM Institute and will serve as the CCIM Institute President in 2019.  We are grateful for their commitment to the ideals CCIM represents and for the outstanding representation of our great chapter.
We pinned 9 designees in 2016 and I believe our upcoming education calendar will allow us to pin a record number of designees in 2017.  For the first time we will be offering all four core classes in the state in the same calendar year.  Additionally, we will again award eight scholarships in 2017, more than any other CCIM chapter.  There has never been a better time for you to finish the designation or to get your young employees started on their path to the CCIM designation.  You can get more information on the upcoming class schedule and the scholarship program at the new chapter website .
I pass on the leadership of the chapter to the capable hands of Rich Campbell.  Rich has been a peer leader throughout my time on the board of directors and he will be an outstanding Chapter President.  The 2016 Board of Directors made a commitment to return value to the chapter membership through promotion of the CCIM designation.  They did this by completely remaking our marketing efforts both on the website and in our social media campaign.  Countless hours were spent this past year defining this new marketing campaign and you will begin to see a difference as they elevate the designation in the eyes of CRE users, investors and advisors in the commercial real estate community in Alabama.  I sincerely appreciate all they have done to make 2016 one of the most productive in chapter history.  Thanks to each and every one of you for your leadership and friendship this last year.

Bryan A. Holt, CCIM
2016 Chapter President 
Newsletter Title
Alabama Legislative News
In Alabama's legislative news, 'twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...until after January hits, that is! Come January, Alabama will see a huge shakeup in its legislative makeup after President Trump takes office.  First and foremost, Senator Sessions will, barring something out of left field, be confirmed as the US Attorney General - opening a Senate seat that will be filled by an appointee of Governor Bentley. Bentley is being barraged daily with propositions and pleas from all over the State to choose who will rise to the occasion and attempt to fill the shoes vacated by Session in the US Senate. Selecting the State's next senator is potentially the most important decision Bentley will ever make in his tenure as Governor. This one appointment could have a greater impact on the State's future than any other act of his administration and will, daresay, help shape Alabama's political future (& power) for years to come.  Coupled with turnover in the State's Supreme Court with Moore's suspension and soon-to-happen appeal that may reverse that decision, Governor Bentley has a lot to think about - and that doesn't even include his own personal issues. Good luck to Bentley - quite a bit is resting on his shoulders this holiday season.
   In the months before the run-up to the second Tuesday in November, several things occurred in Alabama politics that went unnoticed while the focus was on the presidential players. First, a federal appeals court upheld the legislature's banning PAC to PAC transfers - a big blow to the former powerhouse in politics, the Alabama Education Association.  In early October, the U.S. Justice Department launched a statewide investigation into the safety and sanitary conditions of Alabama's men's prisons - most likely a precursor to a federal takeover of the State's prison system.  State Senator Cam Ward of Shelby County, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee and plans to deal with the prison issue head-on, says, "At the end of the day you have to change the facilities to some degree not just for the safety of inmates but for the safety of those who work there."  Expect to see the prison issue grab the headlines when the Legislature convenes in February.  Also in October, Bentley formed the Governor's Advisory Council on Gambling who continue to meet and will formulate a plan of action to recommend to the legislature by January 31, 2017 - this legislative recommendation could have the largest impact on our State budget ever seen.
   As for real-estate related State legislation, not much has happened yet.  It is rumored that the Historical Tax Credit will again be dropped in the bin for reconsideration and the 2017 Legislative Agenda for the Alabama Association of REALTORS® was formulated in September 2016. Included in that agenda is advocating for the renewal of the Historic Tax Credit, increasing professionalism in the real estate industry (by possibly increasing your CE requirements), continuing to fight to protect the Mortgage Interest Deduction, keeping fees off real estate and defending legislation that threatens the real estate industry.  It is our hope that one of our own, Senator Slade Blackwell, CCIM®, will help push the Historic Tax Credit as Chair of the Senate's Banking & Insurance Committee - it's the one real-estate related bill that may have the most positive impact on Alabama CCIM® members in 2017.  Happy Holidays to you and yours and wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Chip Watts, CCIM, CPM
Watts Realty Co., Inc
Newsletter Title
CCIM Featured Deals
  • Congratulations to Chapter President Bryan Holt, CCIM, Southpace Properties Inc., on being named VP of Finance for the Retail Brokers Network 2017 Executive Committee! Read more  HERE!
  • South Shades Crest Station, a 25,000 SF retail center, sold for $3 million. Josh Randolph, CCIM, of Colliers International, represented the seller. Read more HERE!
  • 2316 1st Ave S by Rotary Trail sold for $2.9 million. West Harris, CCIM, Harbert Realty, brokered the sale. Read more HERE!
  • Beef O'Brady's leased 7,377 SF on Helena Road. Ira Levine, CCIM, Levine & Associates, represented the tenant.
  • RWC Chalkville LLC purchased the 20,000 SF retail center on Chalkville Mountain Road for $1.48 million. Charles Robinson, CCIM, and Lochrane Smith, Red Rock Realty Group represented the seller. Read more HERE!
  • Red Mountain Villas Partner LLC purchased the 5,192 SF building at 2931 2nd Ave S. Edwin Moss, CCIM, JH Berry & Gilbert, represented the seller.
CCIM Fall National Meeting in Atlanta
Swearing in of New Designees

Sharon Wright, CCIM, 2017 Distict President, Amy Adkins, Tim Blair, CCIM, Terry McKinney, CCIM, District President Elect, and Pratt Thomas, CCIM, 2016 District President, at College Football Hall of Fame

Board of Directors Retreat at Pursell Farms

Terri Dean, CCIM, Charles Robinson, CCIM, Jerome Moore, CCIM, Rich Campbell, CCIM, and Amy Adkins

Terri Dean, CCIM, at Orvis Shooting Grounds

Central AL Commercial Market Symposium

Amy Adkins, Steve Moreira, CCIM, National President, Chad Hagwood, Rich Campbell, CCIM, Tim Blair, CCIM, Bryan Holt, CCIM, Steve Clikas, CCIM, at Highlands Bar & Grille

Scholarship Winners

Anna Mosher, GrandBridge
Alex Benson, Southpace Properties

Steve Moreira, CCIM, national President, visited the University of Alabama campus, and was given the VIP  tour  by Grayson Glaze, CCIM, CPM, and Patrick Agee, CCIM

CRE Holiday Party at the John Hand Club

Chad Hagwood (CCIM Platinum Sponsor), Michael Perry, and Tom Carruthers, CCIM

Santa and Mrs. Clause a/k/a Cathy and Bill Moss, CCIM

Rich Vanchina, CCIM,  Joseph Sedita, and David Ashford, CCIM
Rich Campbell, CCIM, 2017 President, Lochrane Smith, Stutts Everette