April 9, 2023


Developing the Next Generation of Biomedical Innovators: Biomedical Sciences at Kiamichi Technology Center in Durant

One of the best ways to develop the next generation of innovators is to lay a solid groundwork of education and training that is highly engaging. This was the inspiration for Kiamichi Technology Center in Durant to start their Biomedical Sciences program eight years ago. Leslie Powell, one of the two instructors for the program, explains she “saw students who were entering college and unprepared for the rigorous science and math classes they would need. There were a lot of dropouts and major changes, so this is all about getting those kids ready to be successful once they get to college.”

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Conduit Chats Meetup

On Tuesday, April 4th, the Ada Jobs Foundation hosted another Conduit Chats event. This event was held in the University Center of East Central University and featured a live podcast with professors Jose Montalva and Dr. Leah Dudley.

This event is held each month and will feature opportunities to drink coffee and refreshments, meet with people engaged in technology, and to be part of a live podcast. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major platforms.

The next Conduit Chats Meetup event is scheduled for Tuesday, April 18 at 1pm.

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Saunkeah Shoutout

Mercy Ada’s vision establishes dignity as a key value in Mercy’s work. Like the Sisters of Mercy, they strive to be an effective voice for the economically poor and the underserved. Mercy also supports and partner with others in raising their own voices to seek justice and mercy. These core values guide what Mercy co-workers do and what direction they take. 


Mercy Ada is key to economic development and workforce development in the Pontotoc County area. Ada Jobs Foundation is proud to partner with Terrence Ferrell, Todd Essary, and the Mercy Ada staff, as they blaze a new trail to find lifelong cures through modern thinking and innovation.

Some heritage and history:

  • 1898: Five sisters journey to the rolling hills of Southern Oklahoma and establish St. Agnes Academy, a school for children.
  • 1938: The original 64 bed Valley View Hospital opens.
  • 2009: Valley View entered a management agreement with Mercy.
  • 2013: Valley View Regional Hospital becomes Mercy Hospital Ada.

Some numbers and achievements (FY 2022):

  • 156 Beds (Inpatient Care)
  • 50,446 Outpatient Visits
  • 20,319 Emergency Room Visits
  • 3,233 Acute Inpatient Discharges
  • $3.1 million Traditional Charity Care
  • $538,000 Other Community Benefit
  • 15 Locations (Clinic and Outpatient)
  • 563 Hospital Based Co-workers
  • 357 Births
  •  Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

Mythbuster: There is nothing to do in Ada.

Actually, there is a lot to do in Ada, Oklahoma.

Ada has a variety of places to be outdoors, shop, and engage with culture and art. Here is a starting list that is in no way comprehensive of all of the venues and activities in Ada:

  • Wintersmith Park Historic District,
  • McSwain Theatre
  • The Chickasaw Nation Division of Arts & Humanities,
  • Chokma’si gallery
  • Ada Arts and Heritage Center
  • Ada Farmers’ Market
  • The Ada Public Library
  • Downtown ADA Shopping and Dining
  • The Venue on Main

  • Arts District of Ada 
  • East Central University Hallie Brown Ford Fine Center,
  • The Pogue Art Gallery
  • The Lot
  • Vintage 22
  • Glenwood Park
  • Laser Zone Family Fun Center
  • Lakewood Golf Course
  • Ada Gaming Center
  • Waddell Vineyards

P.S. If someone comments there is nothing to do in Ada, please send them our way!

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