November 2022
Cindy Pozolo, FAIA
With elections now complete for both our organization and government, leaders are primed to to implement strategic plans for fiscal and socio-economic progress. While AIA Michigan did not run the gamut of debates and ads – thank goodness – we did commit to exploring consolidated services while providing great programs and membership value with greater consistency across the State. At the October Leadership Retreat and Annual Meeting we shared best practices for outreach and education, and renewed discussion of how to make those activities available to a bigger audience. Not all work though. Seems like the golf outing fundraiser was a big hit too.

The topics of partnering and sharing echo discussions held during development of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), implemented a few years ago. The MOU outlines how revenue is allocated throughout the State, independent of the local dues. We owe it to members to explore the efficiencies of collaboration while also providing flexibility to champion unique demographics of our constituents. Read More.
November & December Events

Masonry Automation with the FBR Hadrian X System | December 15, 2022 | Register

Holiday Open House & Final Goodbye to Evelyn | December 15, 2022 | RSVP

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New Members - Oct./Nov.
Craig A. Westrick, AIA
Thomas M Grace, AIA
Patrick Brechting, AIA
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Katherine Holloway, Assoc. AIA
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