June 2024

Regulators Focus on How AI Amplifies Cybersecurity Risk

Regulators are warning financial institutions that malicious actors are using artificial intelligence to make their attacks more effective.


Accelerating Safe Adoption of Generative AI in Banking

There are steps financial institutions can take to implement artificial intelligence safely as adoption grows.


Ally Financial Explores Responsible AI

Ally Financial is searching for technology partners, including startups, to help it manage and oversee risks stemming from artificial intelligence.


The CFPB Wants Open Banking. But How?

Setting standards is a critical challenge for CFPB’s open banking rule.


The New Frontier in SMB Banking

As small and medium-sized businesses face dynamic challenges, traditional banking is no longer sufficient. The new customer incentive is data-driven proactive advice.


Digital Channels Create Consumer Compliance Struggles for Banks

Digital channels and technology partnerships are complicating banks’ ability to follow consumer compliance regulations, according to an analysis of enforcement actions by Bank Director.


Navigating the Future of Bank Sponsorships

A successful partnership requires banks to strike a balance between innovation and risk management.


Are Biometrics All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

Biometrics is a useful and prevalent tool in authentication. Still, there are concerns.


The Deal on Fintechs provides a monthly snapshot of movement within the financial industry. Below is a list of last month's fintech and bank acquisitions as well as IPOs linked to source material for more information.





There were no IPOs in the month of May.

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