November,  2018 

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             Next Meeting 11/05/2018

The next meeting is Monday November 5th, 6:15 P.M. at  The 224 Eco-Space, 224 Farmington Ave .  This is our 'Annual Meeting'  for 2018 and voting for Board of Directors nominees and proposed By Laws changes are scheduled to take place. 

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              Summary of By Laws Proposed Changes

From The Executive Director

Thoughts from the Director


As we approach the end of the calendar year, it's time to re-affirm and strengthen our partnerships with non-profits and organizations in Asylum Hill. There are two major functions of the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association. 

From the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!


By: State Rep. Matt Ritter

No One Should Be Cold This Winter
Temperatures are already starting to dip below freezing. If you, or someone close to you, needs help paying your winter heating bills, help is available. Connecticut funds a home heating assistance program and there is also the nonprofit Operation Fuel.



Hawks Eye View

West Middle Community School has been buzzing since we got back to school in late August. We kicked off the School year with our annual Back to School Bash where every student receives a backpack and a meal. We had over 500 people attend this event hosted at the Asylum Hill Boys and Girls Club.


Asylum Hill Then and Now - Church of the Redeemer Universalist

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Exploring Asylum Hill


Exploring Asylum Hill - HFC at 271 Farmington Avenue

Not surprisingly, the HFC in their name stands for Hartford Fried Chicken but the new restaurant at 271 Farmington Ave. is so much more than that. Certainly fried chicken is available, and I've been assured that it is really good, always freshly made, as is the pizza, but it's the Indian menu that is what makes it stand out.

     Volunteer of the Month

South Marshall Interfaith Coalition

For nearly a decade a group of volunteers, many from Immanuel Congregational Church have been meeting monthly with a mission to improve life for the people, and mostly the children, living on S. Marshall St. Nearly everyone there is a volunteer, and over the years they have devised many strategies to move toward their goal.


Georges Needs A New Kidney Part 8


It is with the greatest joy and happiness that we can celebrate with Georges Annan Kingsley and his family that he has recently received his long awaited kidney transplant. For regular readers of the News and Views the first article on this topic appeared in March of 2017. Over the next 11 months 7 article in all were written explaining the need and process of kidney donation.


Speed Humps Come To Asylum Hill

Back in 2017 the City of Hartford received a grant to provide traffic calming measures throughout the City. Many neighborhoods and residents asked for speed humps as a way to slow traffic on their streets. Prior to this, each request was individually responded to including an assessment as to whether a speed hump at the proposed location would be legal, effective and advisable and if the City had the funds to proceed.

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Immanuel Congregational Church Environmental Action Committee

This new committee at ICC Has been involved in a lot of efforts recently, but this month especially they are sponsoring a very exciting and connected event.
On November 16 th, they will host a Puerto Rican Fiesta titled Solar Saves Lives. It will feature Puerto Rican food and Music by Carlos Hernandez Chavez along with Gonzalo Cortes, singer Graciela Quinones and Mariachi Colonial. It's a fundraiser intended to advance the work of The Solar Foundation, which seeks to provide solar cells and batteries for rural health clinics in Puerto Rico.

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