November,  2017 

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Next Meeting 11/06/2017



The next meeting is Monday November 6th, 6:15 P.M. at The 224 Eco-Space, 224 Farmington Ave .  


From The Chair

Thoughts from the Chair

My thought this month is what would our neighborhood look like if we all knew our purpose in life? If we all had love and peace within ourselves and for others, what would our neighborhood be like?

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HouseFrom the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!

By Rep. Matt Ritter
Budget Good For Hartford
I am proud to announce that the bipartisan state budget, recently approved by the House of Representatives and Senate, provides Hartford with the financial and structural tools it needs to avoid bankruptcy.  Let me repeat:  there is no need for our City to go bankrupt.  The state has gone above and beyond what was asked and given the city all the tools and resources it needs to put itself on a firmer financial footing.  This includes an additional $40-$45 million appropriation of municipal aid to Hartford on an annual basis.



HawksHawks Eye View
West Middle Community School: an update
So much is happening here at WMS we should have our own newsletter. Just recently we had High School day for our 40 8
th graders to explore their choices after they graduate in June. 

Then on Friday the 27th, more than 200 students, grades 5-8 participated in Career Day when 9 different organizations representing different career opportunities came to show the students some of the many possibilities that their future could hold. What they had in common was that each could be exciting and fulfilling and each would require hard work and a good education. 


Asylum Hill Then And Now

Asylum and Sigourney Intersection

Most of the time the difference between  Then and  Now is measured in decades; this month it's a matter of days. The intersection of Asylum Ave. and Sigourney St. is one of the busiest in the neighborhood and not surprisingly the site of many accidents as well as congestion. For several years it was proposed to be designated as a "block the box" intersection in which drivers are forbidden to enter the intersection if there is not a clear space on the opposite side for them to occupy. Finally this month the stripping was completed. 




Exploring Asylum Hill 
I-84 Hartford Project 


The I-84 Hartford Project meeting originally scheduled for September 25th took place this past Monday at the Chrysalis Center. It was a very important meeting both for CT DOT and for Asylum Hill, as the main subjects discussed were four areas in the Eastern portion of the project and potential road network opportunities.
The first to be considered was a potential extension of Garden Street through to the proposed Bushnell Park West where the current Broad & Capitol Ave exits & entrances would mostly be relocated. This is expected to reduce the demand on Broad St considerably.

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South Marshall Street Pop-Up

Lively music and unusually warm weather made for a terrific afternoon recently on South Marshall Street.  Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association, Habitat for Humanity and the S. Marshall Interfaith Coalition served cider, donuts and apples, and gave away 150 pumpkins, 60 plants, 100 pairs of socks, over 1,000 children's books, and had lots of conversation with the residents. 

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Trunk or Treat at AHCC

Asylum Hill Congregational Church hosted a 'Trunk or Treat' event on Sunday afternoon October 29 th .  The 'Trunk or Treat' is a Halloween event that provides volunteers who decorate their car trunks and provide treats for the children going around the parking lot to view the decorations.  The event also features games and entertainment to help enliven the festivities.  This was intended to provide a super safe way for the neighborhood children to celebrate Halloween and have a good time.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate.  The day was decidedly gloomy with cold rain, wind and was just a generally raw unpleasant day.  This did keep some people away, but for those that showed up it turned out to be a great day!  The event was moved indoors to Drew Hall where tables were set up and the trunk decorations were adapted to the tables.

Arts and Music on the Hill

Hurricane Relief Concert At AHCC
The featured performers were Ed Fast & Conga Bop and Dave Giardina & Goza Latin Band. These groups are comprised of superb professional players that are highly respected in the rich music environment around the Hartford area.  Both bands featured vocalists that added to the tapestry of a night filled with really great music.  The concert was set up to benefit the hurricane relief efforts for Puerto Rico.  Attendance was not as large as hoped mainly due to the very bad weather on Sunday, but even still almost $3000 dollars was raised and will be given to UNIDOS a disaster relief and recovery program to support Puerto Rico.  One hundred percent of the donations will go to this support.


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