March,  2021 

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             Next Meeting 3/1/2021

The next meeting is Monday March 1st at 6:15 PM. The meeting will be held utilizing Zoom software.

The connection information for the March 1st Meeting is:

Dial-in Phone#:1 646 558 8656        Meeting ID: 814 5983 7275  

                       February Minutes    

From The Director

From the Executive Director
David MacDonald
AHNA Embarks on Neighborhood Strategic Planning
AHNA is beginning the new year with recently updated bylaws and a busy agenda for 2021. The Farmington Avenue Alliance has been resurrected and will work to ensure the needed streetscape improvements to Farmington Avenue are completed from the Trident all the way to the West Hartford border. AHNA has also decided it's time to update the Neighborhood Strategic Plan, which was last completed in 2009.

From the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!


From the House Our Responsibility to Those Left Behind During the Pandemic
By Rep. Matt Ritter

We cannot ignore the stark reality that many people are suffering due to the pandemic. Unemployment is high, and disparities in wealth have become even more pronounced in the last year. Understandably, people are scared and exhausted.

Exploring Asylum Hill

Exploring Asylum Hill - COVID Vaccine availability

By Bernie Michel 

As vaccines become available, it's important that as many Asylum Hill residents as possible both know who can receive them now, and where to go, first to schedule the vaccine and then where to go to get it. The purpose of this months article is to help in that regard.

Asylum Hill Then And Now


85 Sigourney Street

Volunteer Of The Month

Volunteer of the Month - Jennifer Cassidy

Our regular volunteer for this column has done something recent or specific to be featured. This month we should change the column name to "Volunteer of the Decades". 

Change Matters 

By Michelle R. McFarland

The world as we know has changed. Emotions are running rampant for relevant causes. We have been forced to change. There I said it, FORCED due to circumstances beyond our control.
I have learned to accept change even if I don't expect it. Life happens without warning. COVID-19 is our new reality that includes mask and social distancing.
Life happens without warning.
We must move forward with purpose. Life is full of pleasant surprises.
I love having....
Old memories
Old Friends with great energy.
Old Clothes
Old Shoes (sometimes)J
I have released my old negative attitude and energy with a sigh of relief.
Being alive and loving myself is a full-time job during a pandemic. I am grateful.
By approaching all things in a loving way, I anticipate positive outcomes often.
Love is allowing me to accept the fact that people are doing the best that they can.
The best advice is "Love Thy neighbor as yourself" Matthew 22:39
The truth is love unites us more than it divides us.
Love Matters everyday.

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