July,  2015 

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Next Meeting 08/03/2015

There is no meeting scheduled for July in accordance with our normal schedule for the summer.  The next meeting is Monday August 3rd, 6:15 P.M. at Asylum Hill Congregational Church, 814 Asylum Avenue.   

From The Chair
Over the past six months as Chair, I've witnessed the beautiful effects of unity.



HouseFrom the House

I wanted to update you in this column about a couple of bills passed by the Legislature this session that are aimed at helping students and families handle student loan debt.






Asylum Hill Then And Now 


Aetna Then - 1931

A noticeable presence atop Asylum Hill is the Aetna corporate headquarters on Farmington Avenue.      

And Now - 2015
Today the Aetna exterior is much the same as when built while the interior has been modified extensively.
Volunteer of the Month : Sandy Fromson
When her mother passed away five years ago, Sandy Fromson decided to honor her memory by volunteering to teach sewing, in part because it was her mother who taught her to sew.

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Exploring Asylum Hill: Franklin Foundation

After 10 years of dental practice at Community Health Services, Dr. James Franklin found his way to Asylum Hill when an available space on Gillett St prompted him to open his own dental practice.

VolCelebration of Art and Culture
This summer, The Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association presents a month long festival celebrating the creativity and diversity of the Asylum Hill community.  

Dance Premier At Town and County Club


As part of  the ongoing Asylum Hill arts event Arien Wilkerson and Tnmot Aztro Dance Collaborators danced a premier production of "Black Boy Jungle" on June 18th at the Town & County on Woodland Street.


Nepal 2.0


Peter Werth was hiking in the Himalayans Mountains. He saw the need for electricity in the remote villages, and thought of high school students back in the USA who might be challenged to design renewable wind and solar systems that would bring energy to people living 13,000 feet high, on the other side of the world.




Third Annual Electronic Waste Recycling Collection


The third annual E-Waste Collection Event was a definite success this year.

Stowe Prize Celebration

June 4th was a very busy day in Asylum Hill especially for the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center. The Big Tent Jubilee, the presenting of the Stowe Prize, the talk by the winner, and the networking fair were all part of one very busy day.

Mobile Food Market Comes to Asylum Hill



Beginning June 25rd, The Hartford Food Systems Mobile Market will be visiting Asylum Hill. It will be at the Boys & Girls Club 170 Sigourney St from 4:30 - 6:00pm in the parking lot.





Free Summer Meals for Kids and Teens
The Asylum Hill Hunger Action Team (HAT) announces the schedule for the summer meals program sponsored by End Hunger Connecticut.  
Article7New! Stowe Salon at Lunch
Inspired in part by #CharlestonSyllabus, The Stowe House is launching  weekly #StoweSalonsatLunch to consider recent posts about Race and Racism, starting with: '2015 Stowe Prize winner Ta-Nehisi Coates'


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Events Calendar


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Committee Briefs

The Communications Committee met on 6/15 and planned the Newsletter. The committee discussed options for raising revenue to support specific communications efforts.  The members were asked to come up with a wish list for what the committee could do with supportive funding.  Attention was drawn to a site called WhoFish, which can be used to promote events.  It is organized by state, there are 6,000 subscribers in CT.  We will be looking into how we might be able to use this as a tool for communications.  This prompted a discussion on other means we can use to promote AHNA and eventsAlso awareness was raised about a new organization that affords people with new business ideas a platform for pitching their ideas.  One idea was intriguing because it related to a new way for immigrants to send funds back to their families.  Next meeting will be 7/20 , 3:00pm CPBN

Friends of Sigourney Square Park

The Friends of Sigourney Square Park met on June 8th, Discussion centered around the removal of the Big Belly trash compactors and recycling containers that were replaced with fewer of the mushroom containers and green barrels. It was agreed that the committee would request additional trash and recycling containers.


Quality of Life 

Quality of Life Committee met on 6/18 and discussed the proposed tax abatement for the owners of Sigourney Mews. This item will be explored more fully at a future meeting.

Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee last met on 5/28. Much of the discussion centered around final preparation for the Asylum Hill Artists Present: events. The events include the Opening showing and performances, The dance performance at T&C, four Farmer's Markets, the multi-cultural fashion show, and the closing on July 8th.

There was also discussion about the Neighborhood Place committee. There will be 3 sub-committees, Governance, Funding and Site selection.

Announcements included Fresh Express 6/4 to 10/29 10:45am -1:30 pm, double SNAP benefits, Mobile Market also Thursdays 4:30 - 6:00 pm.  Looking for a member of the immigrant community to serve as co-chair to replace either Nancy or Jennifer.  Channon Miller is looking for African-born, African-American, West Indian women in Hartford for her dissertation on relationships, also on parenting.  Hartford City Ballet has a cross-cultural grant to teach various dances including Nepali, Peruvian, Karen and ballet.  1:30 on Sundays the choir will meet the end of July.  4th Thursday in June will be the Fashion Show so next Wel Cmte meeting will be 7/23.  Reminder, June 20th is World Refugee Day

From The Editor
If you have any comments, suggestions or submissions please contact me via email at communications@asylumhill.org 
Paul O'Mara Communications Committee Chair
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