February,  2019 

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             Next Meeting 02/04/2019

The next meeting is Monday February 4th, 6:15 P.M. at  The 224 Eco-Space, 224 Farmington Ave .  

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From The Director

From the Executive Director
David MacDonald
The Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association continues to tackle the issues confronting the quality of life in Asylum Hill. An important part of that work over the next couple of months is to reinvigorate and reactivate our committees. Committees allow residents and other stakeholders to have a positive impact on our neighborhood. We invite everyone from the Hill to join a committee and help us improve our neighborhood.

From the House

Greetings to my friends and neighbors in Asylum Hill!


By: State Rep. Matt Ritter

From The House

Helping Our Friends and Neighbors

We had to move quickly after Governor Lamont and the CT Bankers' Association came up with a creative public-private partnership to provide financial aid to federal workers who are being forced to work for no pay. 



Asylum Hill Then and Now - St. Joseph Cathedral

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Exploring Asylum Hill


Exploring Asylum Hill - Ballet Hartford

By Bernie Michel

Ballet Hartford seemed to have sprung up out of nowhere with an article in the Courant back in November. Not surprisingly, when I noted that they rehearse at the 224 Ecospace, I knew I needed to know more about them. The article featured their holiday production of an original ballet adaptation of Handel's Messiah, rather that the traditional Nutcracker.

     Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer Of The Month - Janet Dudek

Each month we try to feature someone whose thoughtfulness and generosity will interest our readers, both because it is inspiring and worth celebrating.
Beginning in 2013, Grace Lutheran Church started a small service for those in need called "Janet's Closet". Unlike other places such as Salvation Army or Good Will that offer second hand clothing for very low prices, Janet's Closet was created for those for whom even the very low prices at these other charities were a barrier.


A New Senior Minister At AHCC

Asylum Hill Congregational Church celebrated the installation of their 10 th Senior Minister in their more than 150 year history on Sunday January 27 th. And celebrate they did! At a church where beautiful music is a given, they went above and beyond, including two world premiers, Festival Te Deum composed by Dan Campolieta, the former organist at the church and Fanfare by Matthew Weisher a section leader in the Chancel Choir.


SERC At The 224 EcoSpace

For the 2 nd year in a row, the 224 EcoSpace has been the site of the Social Emergency Response Center or SERC for short. The idea is at once simple and yet extremely thought provoking. We're all aware of Emergency Response Teams and in times of natural or man-made disasters, Emergency Response Centers. A timely example would be the shelters and warming centers established for the recent cold weather. In this case the ideas is to use that model to deal with Social Emergencies.


Twain House Annual Meeting

Back in May of last year, I attended the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center Annual meeting, which for some reason, I received an invitation. It was most remarkable in that it was the last Annual meeting under the direction of Katherine Kane as Executive Director and the first appearance of Briann Goldfield, which I wrote about in the following News & Views.
In January I received an invitation to the Mark Twain House & Museum Annual meeting, but the first notice of it came from the Stowe Center newsletter saying that Briann would be the guest speaker.

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