April 30, 2022
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Next Meeting

The next meeting is Monday April 4th at 6:15 PM. The meeting will be held utilizing Zoom software.
The Zoom e link for that meeting will be:

Dial-in Phone#: 1 646 558 8656    
Meeting ID: 930 7983 9497
    Passcode: 014293
From The Executive Director
David MacDonald
Hartford launches DominGO!, June 26th on Farmington Avenue

When AHNA was developing the Asylum Hill Strategic Plan, one idea that came up was to organize a street festival to promote our neighborhood and small businesses. This idea seemed a very good way to help us recover from the pandemic, getting people out and interacting. The city of Hartford had a similar idea and to our great excitement decided to unveil DominGO! The inaugural Open Streets event in Hartford called DominGO will happen on Farmington Avenue on June 26th and is shaping up to be a mini street festival with lots of activities for all ages and interests...
From The House

Unclaimed Money May Be Yours
By Rep. Matt Ritter

An important, but underused, service provided by Connecticut is the Unclaimed Property Fund maintained by the state treasurer. The fund
contains money that various entities such as banks, insurance companies
and other businesses have been holding over a period of years without
successfully locating the rightful owner.

Examples of unclaimed money include old dormant bank accounts, life
insurance policy proceeds and unreturned security deposits for rental
properties or utilities.

With millions of dollars in this fund, it is possible that you, members of
your family, or friends have some money there waiting for you to claim. The process is actually quite easy and continues to be improved...
Let’s Go DominGO!
By Carolyn A. (Carrie Ann)

Can you remember a time when you could ride your bike down the street, unencumbered by cars? Maybe you liked to roller skate, rollerblade, or ride a skateboard? Having the ability to run freely in the streets and play games like tag is priceless! Close your eyes; Can you feel the breeze? What about the feel of the warm sun on your face as you look up? Well, you don’t have to try too hard to remember, because an event is coming to Hartford to give you that experience and our very own AHNA is a part of it. The name, “DominGo!”.  An Open Streets Hartford Project...
Good Friday and the Governor at Grace Lutheran

by Bernie Michel

For many of the regulars at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church on Friday April 15th, it was just another Friday
afternoon. The head cook of the
evening, Emma, and the usual helpers were there doing what they do every Friday, preparing a freshly cooked dinner for about 110 people, who start showing up mid-afternoon for the dinner that gets served beginning around 4:15pm...
AHNA and the Village Co-Sponsor Homebuyer’s Workshop 
By David MacDonald
AHNA recently held our first in-person indoor event since the pandemic for potential homebuyers on April 26th. AHNA, the Village’s Financial Opportunity Center, along with Liberty Bank, and Hammond Realty launched this drop-in event to help people understand how they can position themselves to buy a home...
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From the Editor

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Paul O'Mara Communications Committee Chair
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