July, 2021
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Next Meeting
As is our custom, there will be no General Meeting in July. The next meeting is Monday August 2nd at 6:15 PM.
From The Executive Director
David MacDonald
Asylum Hill Strategic Planning Steering Committee met to review draft recommendations

AHNA’s Strategic Planning Task Forces are continuing with their work to develop recommendations and goals to guide the revitalization of Asylum Hill for the next ten (10) years. The Asylum Hill Strategic Planning Steering Committee met on June 23rd to review the draft recommendations of 6 of the 8 Task Forces.
From The House

New State Budget Invests in Connecticut's and Hartford's Future

By Rep. Matt Ritter

I couldn’t be prouder of the work we accomplished during the legislative session, and I am grateful for the input and recommendations I received from many of you as we worked together on the issues you care about.

Exploring Asylum Hill - 20-28 Sargeant St
The fate of Veeder Place at 20-28 Sargeant St has been suspenseful for years. The building that began as a state-of-the-art factory around 1900 as Veeder manufacturing and merged with the Root Company from Bristol in 1928, finally ceased manufacturing by 1980 and move their world headquarters to Simsbury. 
Asylum Hill Then And Now
293 Farmington Ave
Volunteer Of The Month - Youth Challenge
Youth Challenge began 50 years ago. They have been a mainstay in Asylum Hill for decades and have helped thousands of men and women regain control of their lives by breaking free of drugs and substance abuse. 
Malta House of Care COVID Vaccines still available

There are many in this neighborhood who still, for a host of reasons, are not vaccinated. Walk-in vaccines are now only available in Hartford at The Burgdorf Health Center at 131 Coventry Street. But Malta House of Care offered free walk-in vaccines each Wednesday during June, and they will continue that walk-in service from 11:30am – 2:30pm on the last Wednesday of both July and August.
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From the Editor

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Paul O'Mara Communications Committee Chair
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