April, 2021
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Next Meeting
The next meeting is Monday April 5th at 6:15 PM. The meeting will be held utilizing Zoom software.
The Zoom e link for that meeting will be
From The Executive Director
David MacDonald
AHNA Begins Neighborhood Strategic Planning
Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association has begun a process that will update our NRZ Strategic Plan to guide the revitalization of Asylum Hill for the next ten (10) years. To guide this process and insure it’s an inclusive and holistic Planning Process, the AHNA BOD has created a Steering Committee to engage our institutional partners in Neighborhood Strategic Planning.
From The House

By Rep. Matt Ritter

It was a top priority and it went early in the legislative session – ending the state's shortsighted and hurtful policy of using liens to force people to repay public assistance support they received in the past. Known as welfare liens, I call the policy a secret "poverty tax" that has been destroying lives and families for decades and it had to stop.

Exploring Asylum Hill - Spring! Begins To Bloom
There’s a lot of good news coming soon to Asylum Hill. The first will happen on April 4th, Easter Sunday. That’s when Asylum Hill Congregational Church will hold their first in person service beginning at 10:00 am. It won’t quite be the same as past years, but it will be the first time the Choir will be singing together in more than a year. 

Asylum Hill Then And Now
991 Asylum Avenue
Volunteer Of The Month - Louisa Barton-Duguay
Ordinarily we try not to repeat featured Volunteers of the Month, but this month will be an exception. In the past we talked about Louisa’s efforts with Grace Lutheran Church’s Friday Night “Gathering” dinner, which has temporarily become a weekly hot food and grocery distribution. She also has been an important part of Fresh Start Pallet Products from the very beginning, and continues in that effort.

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From the Editor

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Paul O'Mara Communications Committee Chair
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