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Grant Lee, CPM
Small business entrepreneurs must market their personal brand to establish and grow their business

If a business survives its first year, it is often due to a product or service needed by customers or other businesses, and support from friends and family. In the beginning, the brand really does not exist. The brand of the enterprise must be created and earned in the minds of customers, suppliers, and stakeholders of the business. The personal brand of the entrepreneur, however, does exist in many start-up situations, especially a start-up in a community where the entrepreneur is part of a large social network. Micro and small businesses fail to take advantage of the personal brand of the founding principal(s) before there is a brand for the enterprise.

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How success can be determined in marketing campaigns

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and online conversions are methods that give the small b usiness entrepreneur confidence in their campaigns or early warnings that a campaign is not delivering as expected. Rarely do small business entrepreneurs research the many methods for measuring a marketing campaign before it is designed and launched. The question about whether it is working arises long after a launch and often when scarce resources for marketing have been exhausted. How well did we do? That question should be asked several times during the early days of a campaign to adjust or pour more energy and resources into a campaign that is obviously working as expected.
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Marketing for small businesses by the numbers

Using data sets for marketing micro and small businesses is not the exclusive domain of big business and transnational brands. Data are useful for all businesses, especially micro and small businesses where every day the owner awakes and says, "Today I must make a buck." Where are you going to find that dollar? Who has an extra dollar to give to you for something in return? What is it that someone wants from you and do they really need it? Data can be converted to information that is in turn converted to knowledge. For the astute businessperson, knowledge from many sources of information becomes wisdom and the path to sustained success.

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Volunteer work of Grant Lee with Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO) at home and abroad

Grant Lee's success with CESO clients is predicated on a deep understanding of cultural, gender, age, and religious differences, along with the vital importance of taking time to listen to what clients are seeking. He then adapts training and mentoring to the level of skills, technology and knowledge that will work in the physical, social, and economic environment of the client. The fundamental notion of sustainable development (social, economic and environment) are applied in the training and reports left with clients who continue to be mentored by Mr. Lee long after the CESO assignment ends.
Grant Lee has demonstrated to young women and men alike how to lead through knowledge and respect for others who they must work with every day.
Value for service begins with credentialed marketers

In the beginning, I frequently heard from licenced professionals with whom I worked that marketing was something nebulous. Back then, marketing was an activity passed along to the well-dressed male with a full mane who could play golf, get choice seats at professional sports events, tell (somewhat) funny jokes at staff parties and client meetings, and feign friendships with everyone, almost.
Then it was the ladies turn. If you were well groomed, spoke well with a sense of humour (that was strained at times in the presence of sexist jokes and lewd comments), and carried yourself with grace and beauty, the marketing coordinator job was a high-heel shoe-in.
In both scenarios that are now too outrageous to be believed, the "nice people" in charge of marketing were oblivious to marketing principles, standards, ethics, strategy, and tactics. They were having a wonderful time that really boiled down to advertising and entertainment at the whim of a boss in the name of marketing.

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The CA14 con nection
E xperience and Capacity Building

AGL Marketing Limited combined strengths, creativity and resources with the CA14 T eam to bring a new level of service excellence on a global scale to a wider range of clients. C ombined portfolios ensure high-level strategic marketing and communications solutions for micro and small to medium-sized enterprises.

See the CA14 brochure that summarizes the CA14 team and the services that help many companies improve their market share.

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Eric ran. Peter ran and walked. Lori and Sue walked.
CA14 team raises $1,440 for the Georgetown Hospital
Walk or Run for Georgetown Hospital 2019

On September 29, Team CA14 participated in "Walk or Run for Georgetown Hospital 2019" to raise funds in support of local healthcare.  Proceeds from the event support the purchase of vital medical equipment. Since government funding does not cover the cost of new and replacement hospital equipment, support from community events like this are crucial in maintaining quality healthcare.  The event raised $55,230.00.

You can still donate. CLICK HERE

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