June 2024

Talk about a 'hole' lot of support! AGI's 12th Annual Charity Golf Tournament was a swinging success!

Picture this: the day kicked off with a 100% chance of rain and thunderstorms, but guess what? We defied the odds and the weather took a 180° turn, giving us a sunny and flawless day on the course.

It's almost like Mother Nature had a soft spot for our cause, holding back the rain until we were cozied up in the clubhouse. Talk about perfect timing!

From impressive swings to heartwarming camaraderie, the day was a blast! As golfers and community members showcased their skills, we successfully raised upwards of $190,000.

Our Contest Winners - Congratulations!


Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive: 

Eunice Prosterman

and Rhona Daitchman


Closest to the Pin: Albert Labelle

Longest Drive: Ryan Rotholz 

A huge thank you to our incredible Golf Committee and volunteers for ensuring the tournament was a resounding success. Your dedication and hard work made everything run seamlessly. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! 

Committee: Andy Kirstein, Debra Schwartz-Chomski, Fran Yagod, Harold Busner, Kenny Tajfel, Leon Caron, Marlene Levenson, Michael Saracino and Paula Leveinson.

Volunteers: Adina Gross-Busner, Alex Greenspoon, Gianni Cicciarelli, Jackie Kirstein, Jordan Busner, Jordana Greenspoon, Lori Elman and Sammy Busner.

Every single contribution from this event will directly support AGI's Creative Arts Therapy Programs and Support Services, guaranteeing that every dollar raised goes towards individuals and loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. A huge thank you to everyone who pitched in and made this day possible. Here's to the continued growth and impact of our initiatives and programs!

2024 Photos

Thank you for attending Joyful Noise's performance at the B/OLD conference!

Members of AGI’s Monday Group, “Joyful Noise”, spent a meaningful afternoon together as they performed a collection of songs at this year’s B/OLD Conference held at Concordia University’s library on Tuesday, May 7th.

In the spirit of the conference theme, “Let’s Age Together”, the group saw this event as an opportunity to showcase their musical interests, make connections, advocate for quality aging, and as one member put it, help others to "find joy" in music-making as they do. It is safe to say that these goals were achieved.

As an added highlight, fellow Joyful Noise member and accomplished violinist Charles Gregory performed a lovely, short and sweet set of Classical repertoires.

The group received very generous feedback from audience members, some of whom expressed being moved to tears by the performance and sense of camaraderie between members.

Thank you to Concordia University’s Research Centre on Aging, to Dr. Laurel Young, to the men of Joyful Noise, and to family members who supported us in making this event possible. It was a very special occasion for all.

"Joyful Noise was a big hit yesterday! Several people mentioned the group to me when I was chatting with them after my presentation." – Dr. Laurel Young (Associate Director of engAGE and Associate Professor of Music Therapy at Concordia University)

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month!

A recent study showed that modifiable risk factors for dementia include exercise, traumatic brain injury, body mass index, and education.

Here are five tips to promote your brain health:

1. Stay Socially Active - Keep up to date with events in your community, and engage in shared activities with friends and family.

2. Take Care of Your Mental Health - For your emotional support needs, contact AGI to begin counselling or join a support group.

3. Keep Moving - Physical activity elevates your heart tare and increases blood flow to the brain. Walking is a low-impact activity.

4. Exercise Your Brain - Find events and classes at your local community centre to attend, or register for one of AGI courses and webinars!

5. Fuel yourself - Eat a balanced diet high in veggies, fruits and healthy proteins, and low in processed foods.

To learn more about AGI Services that can help you, visit our website.

Have you seen our Client Stories page yet? These are real people who use AGI services to help them lead full and meaningful lives.

Upcoming AGI Webinar and Course

Walking towards Wellness

Thursday, June 27, 2024

12 pm - 1 pm

Free Online via Zoom 

Presented by:

Nancy Mayo, McGill Professor

Nancy Mayo has a strong preoccupation with improving people’s capacity to move, particularly to walk BEtter, faster, longer, STronger – Walk-BEST. To this end she has developed technology and a program focusing on walking as therapy and has co-founded PhysioBiometrics Inc. dedicated to the development of accessible technologies for people with movement vulnerabilities.

People living with cognitive concerns need to be offered opportunities to walk BEST and safely. Learn more about Nancy's research program on June 27th!


AGI Course

Using Meaningful Activities to Support Unmet Needs


Monday, July 8, 2024 - Part 1

Monday, July 15, 2024 - Part 2


9:30 am - 1:00 pm


Interactive and in-depth


Presented by:

Karin Derouaux, MA, MA

Support Services Co-Manager, Counsellor

& Art Therapist

Learn how activities are more than just time fillers—they may address unmet physical and emotional needs that people with dementia often have difficulty expressing.


$100 / for Caregivers

$125 / for Healthcare Professionals 

*requiring an attestation


Made possible through the generosity of the Lassner Learning Centre and the

Lindsay Memorial Foundation.

A Father's Wisdom by John Kowalewski

In honour of Father's Day

Fatherhood can be a challenging yet fulfilling experience. It’s a journey of self-discovery and growth. In some ways, looking at your children is like looking into a mirror. In other ways, they are unique and have special traits and potential of their own.

As a father, I always showed my children right from wrong, but I tried to understand them too. It wasn’t always easy, but I think it’s important that parents give their children support, guidance and room to learn and make mistakes. If we as parents believe in them and help them develop the right tools, they will achieve great things. 

Something I’m proud of as a father, is that I encouraged and taught my children the importance of understanding themselves. That’s deep and important stuff! When we teach our children understanding, the world is a better place. They treat themselves with more kindness and empathy and in turn, they treat others the same! 

My father passed away when I was a young boy, but I could tell he was intelligent. He wrote books and poems. He understood people, others honored him, and he was a good man. I admired him for that and I like to think that I’m a good man. When my father passed away, my mother was really the one to guide, discipline and teach me. She pushed me, showed me right from wrong, and I learnt a lot from her too. If not for my mother and father, I wouldn’t be here today with a wife and children of my own. I’m grateful for that. 

My father’s day advice to other parents is this: if you don’t know the answer, figure it out! Read a book, look for information, ask for help or talk about it. This is important because children learn by watching their parents. They learn that it’s okay not to have all the answers, as long as you try.

John with his wife and kids celebrating his 80th birthday.

Important Dates

Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Saturday, June 15

Father's Day

Sunday, June 16

St-Jean Baptiste

Monday, June 24 - Office Closed

Canada Day

Monday, July 1 - Office Closed

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