Age-Friendly Municipality: They do not forget...They are not alone... 

Submitted By: Alexandra Ribeiro – Superior Technique of the Município de Alfândega da Fé

Translated by Ana Sofia Damasceno - Superior Technique of the Município de Alfândega da Fé 

Older people are from the age groups that have suffered the most, with the necessary isolation and physical distance, in these long months of the World Pandemic. Alfândega da Fé escaped the first wave of Pandemic, only suffering from community transmission in October 2020. The population has since complied with the mandatory constraints stipulated by law, by the Portuguese State regarding confinement, and isolation and all the fear and anxiety that are implicit in it. In view of this, there was a need to reinvent how to reach older adults and make them feel that even at home they are not alone and the professionals are there to listen to them and to help them in a multidimensional way.
Since November 2020, the League of Friends of the Alfândega da Fé Health Center and the Municipality of Alfândega da Fé, have organized visits to older adults who had attended the activities that had previously been offered on monthly basis also those adults who were deemed/identified as the most isolated and/or without family. On these visits, the technicians take some “treats” associated with the local commemorative events, technicians are also able to conduct an assessment of the needs of the older adults and refer them to appropriate social and health services/supports as necessary. In addition to this, the technicians have also distributed activity books for older people to remain active at home, with diversified activities that promote sensory and cognitive stimulation and useful information so that they do not forget that they are not alone.