June 2023

Telescoping Bridge Cranes

Telescoping bridge cranes allow users to pick loads beyond the span of the crane runways. In addition, they are very useful for transferring loads from a crane on one runway to a crane on an adjacent runway.

What Are Telescoping (Or Projecting) Bridge Cranes?

Telescoping bridge cranes, also known as projecting cranes, are an underhung bridge crane that can extend and retract, thanks to the telescoping mechanism incorporated into the crane's design. This feature allows the crane to extend its hook coverage beyond the bridges runway and reach areas that traditional bridge cranes cannot.

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How do Telescoping Bridge Cranes work?

The operation of a typical telescoping crane is nearly the same as that with a standard three-motion crane. The telescoping beam and the hoist trolley are activated by the same set of buttons. When the button is first pressed the trolley (only) travels until it reaches the end of the telescoping beam. At that time the telescoping beam extends and vise-versa in return motion. This type of control is predictable, simple and allows operators to quickly become comfortable with the equipment.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Telescoping bridge cranes are engineered to enhance efficiency and productivity. The telescoping mechanism provides an extended working range to allow operators to reach confined spaces or areas obstructed by machinery. Utilizing this extended reach, the operator is able to position the load where it is needed, minimizing the need for additional equipment or repositioning of loads. This reduces downtime and enables faster and smoother material handling processes.

Telescoping bridge cranes also allow the operator to transfer a load from one crane system to another adjacent crane system. By telescoping out into the hook coverage of a crane in an adjacent bay, the crane in the adjacent bay can pick the load and move it within its crane runway coverage.  

Enhanced Safety Measures

Safety is important in any industrial setting, and telescoping bridge cranes are designed with this in mind. With their telescopic capability, these cranes can minimize the risks associated with factory floor obstacles and confined spaces. Additionally, many telescoping bridge cranes are equipped with advanced safety features such as no-fly zones or collision avoidance technology making them an ideal choice for operating the bridge crane in complex manufacturing environments.


Telescoping bridge cranes increases a crane's hook coverage beyond the runway span and allow crane systems to operate together to move a load between crane system. Their telescoping capabilities enable operators to reach previously inaccessible areas, enhancing safety and streamlining material handling processes


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