April 17, 2018
AESA Member News & Updates
Raise A Common Voice for the
Civil Right that is a Quality Public Education
A Message from AESA Executive Director, Joan Wade

Last week, I represented AESA at the first annual Reagan Institute Summit for Education (RISE)

RISE was a day-long bipartisan summit assessing the American education landscape in commemoration of the 35 th  anniversary of  A Nation at Risk report. 

In my message, I recount my experience to share with all AESA members what I learned that day.

It strikes me that many of the speakers throughout the day talked about the lack of education leadership at the federal level. There is no consistent voice talking about the common purpose and civil right of having a top quality public education system that meets the needs of all learners regardless of their zip code. 

I felt inspired because I know AESA is in the right place and this is the right time for us to take up that call.  

Affinity Groups want you! 

If you have an interest in an Affinity Group , please join at any time!

Get involved with your colleagues in other states. 

The Evaluation Affinity Group focuses on exploring ways of quantifying the impact of professional learning in education settings. Your insights would be valuable to this network of practitioners committed to the ongoing improvement of their professional learning and other offerings!

There is also a new Affinity group on Cloud Computing.  This group will focus on ESA technology department use of Cloud Computing providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. As education agencies across the country begin to consider their use of cloud based technology these new services present opportunities for ESA's to become a reseller or consultant to constituent districts and others. Participants in the group will exchange ideas, share learning, and coordinate work with the companies. 
Federal Advocacy Update

The April's legislative update provides an analysis of the Federal FY18 Omnibus bill recently approved by Congress and signed by the President.

Annual Summer Leadership Conference

Visit the website for a complete description of this popular event!
2018 Summer Leadership Conference Featured Speaker
Meet Guy Mingo, CEO, Marsden Holding LLC

Managing Risk during Periods of Explosive Growth

Marsden Corporation has expanded into 47 states with over 10,000 employees. The company’s growth over the past 66 years has changed   the way that Marsden does business. Mr. Mingo will discuss what to expect as you manage risk during times of explosive growth. He will share his experiences on how they have changed the way they lead, innovate and manage their growth.  
Business Partner News: USI
Protecting K12 against Cyber Security Threats

There have now been 317  reported   K-12 cyber incidents in the US since January of 2016— and it is important to note that many incidents go unreported .

At  USI , through our  Business Partnership with the AESA , we are committed to helping AESA members and the school districts they support better understand their current insurance programs and recommend valuable improvements with a focus on reducing overall costs through our  OMNI   Audit   Learning Experience

We are also committed to helping K-12 with a solution to solve and protect against cyber risks.