Let’s build on what works.

The Redwood Region is good at creative problem solving and that makes sense in an area that's pretty unique. But we are at our best when we learn from each other. This month’s newsletter offers great examples. Humboldt Lemonade Day is modeled after the National Lemonade Day founded by Michael Hothouse in 2007, but truly has it's own flavor in Humboldt. The California Stewardship Network will provide AEDC’s program director, Susan Seaman, with education and training to develop regional strengths and learn how that fits in a very diverse state. Within the region, we will learn from each other at the upcoming Humboldt Economic Development Summit, and in other venues like the economic development summits in Mendocino and Del Norte County, both held earlier this month and in February. In the Redwood Region, we have a way of adapting best practices from other areas into what works in our rural area. AEDC is proud to be a regional partner for economic development.