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From Ross Welch, Executive Director

Hello everyone!

As we enter this Fourth of July weekend, I hope everybody is well-provisioned with hot cocoa, blankets, and sweatshirts. Summer holidays on the North Coast are always cooler, but this spring and summer have been especially gray and bleak. Fortunately, that just describes our weather and not our outlook.

Like many of you, AEDC is closing out our fiscal year and we’re moving from one exciting and dynamic year to another. We’re closing out this year having approved $6.5M in loans, and we already have another $1.5M in the pipeline. By supporting businesses like Singing Trees, we’re not only supporting the economy but the critical social needs of our community.

As we start the new fiscal year, we are also saying goodbye to our loan servicer extraordinaire, Tony Rodrigues. (Learn more about Tony in the next newsletter!) Tony has been a fierce advocate for AEDC. He, and our recently retired loan officer, Jayne Lovig, have a wealth of essential knowledge and experience and they have both been generous about sharing it with our newest team members, Hannah Joy and Michael Machado. We will miss them and are so grateful for their diligence in creating a strong foundation for our loan team.  

Our collaborative work is not just in-house. We're always grateful for our partners supporting us in both the loan and programming departments. Earlier this week, we got to meet with Wil Franklin, the new Executive Director of the North Coast Small Business Development Center, one of our key partners for small business technical assistance. We’re also continuing our work with our regional partners on Redwood Region RISE and State of the Redwood Coast Region, an in-person economic development summit that will take place in September. Finally, in July, we’re looking forward to the graduation of our pilot cohort for Leadership Redwood Coast. I would not be surprised to find myself working with any of these engaged, thoughtful leaders in the future. Many thanks to Illuminated Marketing and Nancy Olson for their hard work on this program.


Client Highlight: Singing Trees Recovery Center

In November of 2022, Singing Trees Recovery Center announced that they’d be closing indefinitely due to staffing issues and the costs of maintaining an aging facility. This would have been a huge loss for the community as this facility has served as a drug detox and rehabilitation center in Southern Humboldt for nearly 31 years. 

Fortunately, with funding from AEDC, we are excited to share that Singing Trees Recovery Center has reopened under the new ownership of the non-profit organization Pure Solution Family Services, a California-based mental health service agency. When news of the closure broke last year, the Founder of Pure Solution Family Services Amber Bedell reached out to the owners who were hoping for someone to reopen the space for its original purpose as a recovery center. Bedell partnered with AEDC to secure funding to help improve the facility, payroll, and other necessities required to operate successfully.

Singing Trees Recovery Center, located at 2061 Highway 101 in Garberville, California, is a residential treatment facility for individuals struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. Recognizing the growing demand for substance use disorder treatment in the community, Pure Solution Family Services is dedicated to making holistic, high-quality care accessible. 

With a highly trained team of experts composed of licensed therapists, social workers, and medical professionals, Singing Trees Recovery Center is committed to crafting personalized treatment plans that address individual needs and aspirations. The facility will also provide a variety of services, including 14-day and 30-day rehabilitation programs, group and individual counseling, and a diverse set of holistic healing activities like yoga and prioritized time in nature. The rest of the services offered will include:

  • Individual & Family Counseling: Helping individuals navigate issues like stress management, anxiety, family conflict, and more.
  • Parental Coaching: Helping parents develop better communication skills and foster healthy parent-child relationships.
  • Personal Development Programs: Helping individuals overcome limitations and meet personal goals.
  • Medication Services
  • Detox services: 7-Day Detoxification
  • Residential Treatment Programs: 14-Day and 30-Day Residential Treatment Programs for alcohol and other drug abuse.
  • Aftercare services will be provided for each client for up to one year following successful completion of residential treatment.
  • A Continuing Care Program is also available for their 30-Day graduates.

We are thrilled to announce the reopening of Singing Trees Recovery Center, a vital resource in the Southern Humboldt community for over three decades. With a commitment to accessibility and quality care, we know Pure Solution’s team of dedicated professionals will bring a new level of essential support to those in recovery.

Call for Nominations: Equity Council 

Are you ready to take your involvement with Redwood Region RISE one step further?

Nominate yourself or someone you think would be a great fit to serve on our Equity Council (previously called 'Community Outreach & Engagement Advisory Committee'). This Council will include up to twenty community members representing priority communities. 

Collectively, this group will provide guidance and oversight to the community engagement process, and help ensure balance and representation in decision-making. Additionally, the Council will help seat and balance the Sector Tables and Voting Member Block. Partnership Agreement Letters are required, and stipends will be available. Please send your fully completed form(s) to Radhika Misri at by July 31st.

Leadership Redwood Coast's 4th Session

At the beginning of June, the Leadership Redwood Coast 2023 cohort gathered in Eastern Humboldt for LRC Session 4. Together they embarked on an adventure, exploring a diverse array of locations from Blue Lake and Korbel, to the Humboldt County Airport and the charming town of Orick. During the cohort’s time together, conversations revolved around infrastructure innovation, as well as human-centered design and systems thinking. 

Content included a deep dive into important topics such as forestry, logging, and land management, as well as the vital necessities of airports, highways, and public transportation. These discussions not only broadened our perspectives but also provided valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of modern infrastructure. The LRC cohort ended their session learning about the history of Orick—a place brimming with potential for tourism and recreation, but lacking the infrastructure and workforce to pursue it. They explored its unique offerings and potential avenues for growth and development, adding an extra layer of excitement to the session. 

Leadership Redwood Coast graduation is scheduled for July. We can't help but reflect on the growth, camaraderie, and knowledge we've gained along the way! At the final session, each participant will give a presentation about their own personal integration plan they developed throughout the program. 

Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories from the Leadership Redwood Coast cohort! To keep up with their adventures, follow LRC on Instagram @leadershiprc or learn more by visiting

Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now!

Early Bird tickets are on sale now for $135! Sale ends July 29th!

Save money and purchase your Early Bird tickets for the highly anticipated 3rd annual regional economic development summit, the State of the Redwood Coast Region! We're thrilled to be bringing the event to you this year in person at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center (200 S School Street) on September 21-22, 2023!

​​Reserve your spot for just $135, Early Bird ticket sales end July 29th. General Admission will increase to $150 starting July 30th. Click here to register today and reserve your place at this year’s summit! Visit our website to learn more and follow this event on Facebook HERE!

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