Sept. 23, 2020
Keeping the general aviation industry connected
Goin’ to Kansas City: Health and Safety Measures in Place for AEA Central Connect Conference
The AEA recently announced the organization's plans to conduct its Central Connect Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, Oct. 19-20.

When the avionics industry reunites next month, it will do so by following proven health guidelines and safety protocols that protect attendees and AEA members. Here are just a few of the safety measures you can in expect on-site at the Hilton Kansas City Airport.

  • PPE kits for every attendee and exhibitor.
  • Seating a minimum of 6 feet apart in oversized meeting rooms.
  • Exhibit hall will be set up to allow one-way traffic.
  • Exhibitors will be behind their tables to allow for social distancing.
  • Masks will be required in the exhibit hall during the open hours.
  • Masks will be required to be worn at all times, except when seated in the meeting room.
  • Food and beverage services will be altered to minimize contact.

From selling to installation, configuration and certification, the AEA Connect Conferences are where aviation's technology experts gather and learn from the best in the business. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about certification, installation and configuration of the latest products from leading avionics, instrument and test equipment manufacturers. Don’t miss the chance to talk best practices with other technicians and shop owners and discuss new AEA benefits and services, all while satisfying repair station training requirements. More...
AEA Silent Auction: Happening Now - Online
All Proceeds Benefit the AEA Educational Foundation
There’s always a deal to be found at the AEA’s silent auction. We missed all the avionics professionals in Nashville where the AEA Educational Foundation would have hosted its annual silent auction loaded with gadgets, goodies and high-tech toys. A number of longtime supporters have shown their commitment to continue the tradition, and now all we need is YOU to login and do a little online shopping!

Between now and 10 p.m. CDT on Oct. 30, bid on your favorite item(s). Once the auction has ended, the AEA will contact the winning bidders for payment and then the item(s) will be shipped directly to you.

The annual silent auction is the single-largest fundraising activity for the AEA Educational Foundation and helps support a variety of outreach and education efforts to attract and train the next generation of avionics technology experts. Since 1990, the AEA Educational Foundation has administered scholarships for avionics and aircraft maintenance technicians and provided industry-leading technical training for AEA members. More...
Technology Gives Piston Panels Turbine-Level Tools
A longtime acquaintance recently regaled a hangar-flying session with a tale of his experience during an acceptance flight of a common four-place piston single to return it to service after a significant panel makeover. Removed from the panel: two VHF nav receivers; two VHF comm transceivers; six flight instruments; three navigation indicators; and one useless Loran C receiver/navigator.

“I needed to get it (the Loran) out since the government shut down the Loran chains,” he explained. For the record, that had been a while. The U.S. Loran chains went dark in the United States on Feb. 8, 2010. “Ten years is too long to carry around useless weight, but until I could afford the panel makeover, I didn’t want to motor along with a gaping hole in my stack,” he said.

As he waited and watched avionics evolve – and saved for the makeover – an avionics revolution transpired. The age of cockpit integration arrived, revolutionizing both panels and individual pieces of avionics kit with equipment beneficial on multiple levels: for its lighter weight; its expanded capabilities; and a higher level of utility than previously available.
And the equipment integrated previously disparate functions with other boxes while also combining a host of avionics equipment into a seamless piece of hardware. More...
First Wing Jet Center Sees Avionics as Key to Future Growth
When Eagle Creek purchased the longtime Montgomery Aviation repair station outside of Indianapolis in 2015, the new owner, Matt Hagans, and the leadership team set about to grow the business and lay the foundation for an exciting future. They renamed and rebranded the service center and fixed-base operator as First Wing Jet Center, added new aviation services, built an avionics shop, and expanded into turboprop and jet maintenance.

“We were a repair station famous for our piston work, but we were small, only about three or four mechanics,” said Sean White, vice president and general manager of First Wing Jet Center at Indianapolis Executive Airport in Zionsville, Indiana. “In looking ahead, we felt strongly that avionics was going to be a major component of our future. We started an avionics shop under the tutelage of Eagle Creek.”

First Wing dedicated 6,000 of its 20,000 square feet of maintenance space to avionics and hired additional technicians. Today, the service center is an authorized dealer for Garmin, Avidyne, Aspen Avionics, Gogo and L3. Companies operating in and around central Indiana make up a larger segment of First Wing’s business. More...
Podcast: Aspen Avionics President & CEO Talks About Joining the AIRO Group of Companies
John Uczekaj, president & CEO of Aspen Avionics, recently detailed the company’s agreement in principle to become a member of the AIRO Group of companies. What does Aspen’s move mean to general aviation and its customers around the world? Uczekaj answers that question and more in the latest episode of AEA Amplified, a podcast for aviation's technology experts.

Learn more about the ever-changing world of avionics technologies from industry professionals and aviation enthusiasts. Subscribe to AEA Amplified on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean or Spotify. More...
FAQ: What Does Maintenance Mean?
The simple answer is the 14 CFR Part 1 definition: Maintenance means inspection, overhaul, repair, preservation, and the replacement of parts, but excludes preventive maintenance.

But that is the definition of maintenance, not necessarily what it means. To fully understand, we must dissect the definition. Learn more about this frequently asked question in this month's Avionics News. More...
Second in Command Professional Development Program: A New Pilot Pipeline Tool for Part 135 Operators
In 2018, the Federal Aviation Administration responded to industry requests for assistance in developing new pilots to meet the pilot shortage by creating the Second in Command Professional Development Program for Part 135 operators. The program allows a pilot employed by a Part 135 operator to be assigned as SIC in a multiengine or single-engine, turbine-powered aircraft to log SIC flight time during operations that do not require a second pilot.

A final rule published in June 2018 amended §135.99 to authorize a Part 135 air carrier to implement a SIC PDP by issuance of Operations Specification (OpSpec A062) Second in Command Professional Development Program. More...
Integrated Avionics Systems: A Continuum of Shrinking Components and Growing Capabilities
How many of us remember our first visit to the cockpit of a turbine-powered aircraft? Or a high-performance piston single or twin?

If you were like many, you looked on in awe, marveling that these giants of the turbine-aircraft cockpit – captain, first officer, a radio operator/navigator and, maybe, a flight engineer – knew what all those controls did, the systems they powered and tuned, the myriad of engine-health indicators, the navigation indicators, the VHF nondirectional beacon indicator and radio tuning controls, plus all the switches, circuit breakers and potentiometers for controlling radio volume and cabin lighting.

Round analog dials spread across the panel, from port to starboard. Elsewhere in all the other cockpit space, electrical components seemed to fill every nook and cranny of the flight deck, spread across the panel, down the side panels of the cockpit, and up and across the overhead. And if the aircraft still used a flight engineer to manage the powerplants, that engineer sat behind the first officer in front of his own bank of dials and switches and controls. More...
A Conversation With David McDevitt of Eagle Aircraft
For David McDevitt, founder and owner of Eagle Aircraft, a career in aviation came later in life but a love for flying and the industry started when he was young. In his 20s, McDevitt learned to fly and earned all three pilot certificates – private, commercial and air transport – within a few years.

He gathered experience along the way, from serving as an electronics technologist for scientists who were designing and building test and telemetry equipment for the Defense Research and Development Station at the Downsview Air Base in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to working as product specialist and sales representative for Texas Instruments.

At Texas Instruments, McDevitt developed a talent for solving technical issues in electronics. It gave him the opportunity to help some of the world’s best-known companies, including an airborne, army and maritime electronics manufacturer working on a Skunk Works project.
In 1992, McDevitt opened Eagle Aircraft at Billy Bishop City Airport to provide maintenance and avionics services for commercial and general aviation aircraft. Twenty-one years later, he opened another location at Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport. More...
AEA Webinars – On Demand
Join more than 850 AEA members who have already streamed or downloaded these free regulatory webinars to help train their staff or continue their own professional development. Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, brings his vast years of experience and expertise to conduct a series of regulatory webinars essential to repair station and business operations.

In addition to providing relevant content, these courses include direct questions from the audience answered in real time. If you are looking to stay up-to-speed, AEA members may login with their member password to watch these sessions on your desktop or mobile device at

  • Aircraft Wiring Inspections
  • Change Management
  • Root Cause Analysis 
  • Managing Risk 
  • Repair Station Contract Maintenance 
  • Human Factors in Maintenance 
  • Flight Data Recorders and the Mexican Mandate 
  • ASTM's Compass 
  • The Ins & Outs of Drug & Alcohol Program Management 
  • Classifying Alterations for In-service Aircraft 
  • AEA Safety Management System 
  • Part 145: How to Implement and manage a Repair Station Capability List 
  • Beyond ADS-B Installations: Continued Airworthiness 
  • FAA Drug & Alcohol Inspection Items: Be Prepared for Your Next Audit 
  • Part 43: The Business of Aircraft Maintenance More...
Request Your FREE AEA Pilot’s Guide
The AEA Pilot’s Guide is a consumer’s directory loaded with educational articles, timely information and data about the ever-changing world of avionics technologies. In addition to a complete directory of AEA-member government-certified repair stations, avionics manufacturers and distributors located in more than 40 countries, the publication features educational articles to help pilots and aircraft owners make better buying decisions. Individuals residing in the United States may request a free copy while supplies last. More...
AEA's Pilot's Guide Showcase Spotlights the Latest Avionics Innovations for Consumers
In addition to unveiling the 2020-21 edition of the AEA Pilot's Guide, the AEA introduced its Pilot's Guide Showcase, an all-new digital stage highlighting everything from features and functions of the latest avionics equipment to the installation and service available from AEA member repair stations.

Located at and specifically designed for avionics consumers such as general aviation pilots and aircraft owners, the digital platform features product demonstrations, how-to videos, select tutorials via recorded flight demonstrations and spotlights AEA's network of technology experts. More...
On the Radar: Upcoming Industry Events
AEA U.S. Central Connect Conference
Kansas City, Missouri
Oct. 19-20, 2020
Join shop owners, managers and lead technicians for the latest regulatory and technical training at the Hilton Kansas City Airport. Advance registration is open through Oct. 14 for individuals to attend and for companies to exhibit. More...
FAA International Rotorcraft Safety Conference
Virtual Event
Oct. 27-29, 2020
Registration is open for the FAA's first virtual International Rotorcraft Safety Conference to explore ways to reduce the national and international helicopter accident rate. Leaders from the FAA's Aircraft Certification and Flight Standards Services will open the conference, followed by programs for the entire helicopter community. More...
North Dakota Aviation Career Expo
Fargo, North Dakota
Oct. 30, 2020
This in-person event takes place at the Fargo Air Museum and is targeted at high school and college students (ages 16-22). The focus is to introduce young people to the vast array of career opportunities within the aviation industry. The Expo consists of industry leaders, exhibitors, aircraft displays, guest speakers, and of course – scholarships. More...
Sun ‘n Fun Holiday Flying Festival and Car Show
Lakeland, Florida
Dec. 4-5, 2020
The two-day fly-in/drive-in event will include numerous aircraft displays, a large airplane and car show, plus food vendors, live music, and many other activities, held on the Sun ‘n Fun Expo Campus at the Lakeland Linder International Airport. Admission is free, parking is $20 per vehicle, and proceeds will benefit Sun ‘n Fun’s Aerospace Center for Excellence STEM education programs. More...
AEA International Convention & Trade Show
Dallas, Texas
March 15-18, 2021
Aviation's technology experts will convene for the 64th annual AEA International Convention & Trade Show, the largest gathering of general aviation avionics manufacturers, distributors and government-certified repair stations in the world. Avionics professionals will have access to more than 100 hours of technical training and professional development courses. More...
New Orleans, Louisiana
March 22-25, 2021
Looking for your next aircraft, vendor, mentor, job, or professional development or employment opportunity? You’ll find them all in New Orleans with endless networking and hundreds of education courses with 18,000 industry professionals and 700 exhibitors. More...
$100 Mystery Make and Model Challenge
Congratulations to Jerry Johnson of Duncan Aviation (Las Vegas), who won a $100 Visa gift card, courtesy of Southeast Aerospace, for being the first person to submit the correct answer in this month's Mystery Make and Model challenge featured in the previous issue of AEA Wired. The unit is a Collins 913Y-2.

Avionics technicians can put their "inside" knowledge to work in the next issue of AEA Wired. Stay tuned for the next Mystery Make and Model challenge!
Avionics Training and Professional Development Classes
NEW COURSE! Aircraft Instrument Systems (6 seats remain)
Sept. 28-29, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for avionics technicians or apprentices who want to learn more about aircraft instrument systems and better understand their operation, installation considerations, and maintenance to become more effective troubleshooters. From simple mechanical gauges to complex electrical and electronic systems, this course covers nearly every instrument system in an aircraft.
Basic Pitot-Static & Transponder Theory, Testing & Troubleshooting (sold-out)
Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for entry-level avionics technicians or those looking for basic training on pitot-static and aircraft transponder systems. This two-day course covers the history and theory of operation of pitot-static instruments and transponders, as well as system setup, hands-on testing, and the troubleshooting skills necessary to perform FAR 91.411 and 91.413 checks.
IFR6000 and IFR4000 Operations (5 seats remain)
Oct. 2, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed to provide maintenance personnel with the knowledge and skills required to operate the IFR6000 to verify and maintain transponder, UAT, TCAS, and DME system, and to operate the IFR4000 for ILS, VOR, COMMs and ELT.
Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft (5 seats remain)
Oct. 7-9, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for the homebuilder or avionics technician who is looking for guidance in completing an avionics installation on an experimental aircraft. While the Garmin G3X Touch system is used as an example in the course, the wiring principles and general guidance can be applied to any experimental avionics system. From the do-it-yourselfer to the avionics shop looking to carve a niche, this class has something for everyone.
The Regulations of Maintenance (14 seats remain)
Oct. 15-16, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
Understanding the regulations of the repair station is only part of the equation. Like pieces of a puzzle, each regulation is needed to fit together in order to fully view the repair station’s requirements. Understanding the regulatory relationship between the business (Part 145); the maintenance it performs (Part 43); the parts it uses (Part 21); as well as the needs of customers (Part 91) are essential to provide regulatory compliant services in aviation maintenance. This session will cover the basics of the maintenance and modification regulations, but more importantly, it focuses on their integrated relationship with the business.
NEW COURSE! Developing an Internal Audit for Repair Stations (14 seats remain)
Oct. 22-23, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course focuses on the basics of internal auditing, providing the tools and methods necessary to meet the international regulatory needs as well as the continuous improvement of the repair station. Many regulatory authorities require a repair station to perform internal audits and require their auditors to be trained.
Basic Wiring & Avionics Installation (9 seats remain)
Nov. 2-4, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for certificated repairmen, new avionics technicians, aviation maintenance technicians and recent graduates interested in improving or acquiring the skills necessary to perform avionics installations. This three-day seminar employs in-depth theory and hands-on lab exercises to immerse the attendee in the best practices used to plan, manage, and install a general aviation avionics panel.
ADS-B Configuration, Testing & Troubleshooting (12 seats remain)
Nov. 5, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for currently employed repair station personnel and installers of ADS-B systems. Approximately 7% of all general aviation ADS-B installations are non-compliant based on the FAA’s ADS-B Performance Monitoring System. This course focuses on the proper configuration and testing of ADS-B installations to ensure your installation meets the performance requirements and regulations. Also included are troubleshooting tips and tricks that will help you resolve the common problems found in ADS-B installations.
Digital Databus Theory & Analysis Training (13 seats remain)
Nov. 6, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
As today’s modern airplanes become much more technologically advanced, so must the professionals who maintain them. The advanced avionics and instrumentation systems used in these aircraft rely on various forms of digital databus communication. Understanding digital databus theory is becoming more and more important for avionics technicians, and even A&P mechanics, to effectively test and troubleshoot these highly advanced aircraft systems.
Certified Repair Station Training (7 seats remain)
Dec. 7-11, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This weeklong course provides an interactive environment to learn, understand and implement the regulations that govern repair station design and operations. Current quality managers, technicians, mechanics, and repairmen who are involved in the management of a repair station as well as individuals looking to establish a 14 CFR Part 145 repair station should attend. This program will review the regulations applicable to a U.S.-certificated repair station engaged in maintenance, preventive maintenance and alterations of U.S.-registered aircraft, components or accessories.
News from AEA Member Companies
Avidyne Corp. received FAA STC installation approval for the IFD540 Multifunction Flight Management System in Citation 560 Excel/XLS aircraft equipped with Primus 1000 electronic flight instrument systems. The STC provides operators of select Primus 1000-equipped Citation 560 Excel and XLS models with LPV Approach capability, Electronic Approach Charts, ADS-B position source information and more. Avidyne also announced the completion of construction and the opening of its spacious new Aircraft Integration and Flight Test Center at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

True Blue Power announced the company’s inverters and voltage converters are standard equipment on Northrop Grumman’s new MQ-4C Triton autonomous aircraft system designed for the U.S. Navy. The True Blue Power TC120 DC-to-DC voltage converters and TI254 DC-to-AC inverters power mission-critical equipment on the Triton, allowing it to perform surveillance, search-and-rescue and reconnaissance missions, while delivering real-time intelligence to a ground-based control station.

FreeFlight Systems announced that its RA-4000/RA-4500 series radar altimeters are now approved for installation on Airbus Helicopters H125 series (Eurocopter AS350) rotorcraft. The recently developed STC revision also includes FreeFlight’s RAD-45 indicator display, an optional accessory compliant to European Radar Altimeter display requirements for easy-to-read trend information with built-in audio alerts.

Trig was selected by the Royal Air Force, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight to supply VHF 8.33
radios, equipping its historic aircraft collection. The Flight includes six Supermarine Spitfires.

West Star Aviation recently completed a major structural repair to an Embraer Legacy 650E fuselage. The project also included a new exterior paint scheme.

Elliott Technologies a division of Elliott Aviation, added StandardAero to its U.S. dealer network. This agreement allows end-user customers to have Prizm Lighting installed at any StandardAero facility. StandardAero is the 13th dealer to join the Elliott Technologies dealer network.

Universal Avionics announced the expansion of its training offerings with the launch of UA Academy, an online learning center designed to deliver on-demand course access to UA customers and authorized dealers/integrators.

Wysong Enterprises joined with Tennessee State Rep. Timothy Hill (R-Blountville) for a ceremony to rename a half-mile section of State Road 75 near the Tri-Cities Airport as the Rodney Wysong Memorial Highway. Rodney Wysong grew up in and around the aviation industry by helping Wysong Enterprises founder Steve Wysong, Rodney’s father, from the time he was a small boy. 

Ace Aeronautics announce the award of the Multiple Award Schedule contract by the U.S. General Services Administration. This award will allow for U.S. government agencies and program offices to utilize Ace Aeronautics for engineering services, engineering system design and integration services, and supply and value chain management.

Pacific Coast Avionics received Garmin’s 2019 Platinum Award for Elite Performance for the 25th consecutive year. 

Clay Lacy Aviation announced that the Orange County Board of Supervisors has awarded the company a 35-year lease at John Wayne Airport to build and operate an FBO that will serve as a business gateway for Orange County and contribute to a thriving general aviation ecosystem at the airport. 
Astronics Corp. announced the rollout of the new AP-MARS, or AutoPoint Multi-Axis Robotic System, an automated circuit card troubleshooting and test development system.

Duncan Aviation announced that its Engineering and Certification Department has completed its eighth full-equipment STC for the Gogo Business Aviation AVANCE L5 in-flight Wi-Fi system for Cessna Citation 750 aircraft. Duncan Aviation has completed seven additional STCs for this Wi-Fi system, and the STC covers the Wi-Fi certification and full equipment and antenna installation required to provide in-flight connectivity to the Gogo Biz 4G network.

Rosen Aviation and JOLED will collaborate on the development and integration of medium-sized OLED displays into aircraft interiors. The two companies will leverage their respective technologies and expertise to maximize functionality and attractiveness of OLEDs in the cabin environment.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced the Gulfstream G700 earned a 2020 International Yacht & Aviation Award for the all-new seat design. The Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G600 received the same accolade in 2018. Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. also extended its contract with World Fuel Services to continue providing the business-jet manufacturer with a steady supply of sustainable aviation fuel produced by World Energy.

Honeywell Aerospace and Aerion are progressing through the joint definition phase for the Avionics and Connectivity suite of the new AS2 Supersonic Business Jet. Upon completion of commercial and programmatic agreement, the avionics suite being developed for the AS2 will represent the next generation of avionics suites for business aircraft featuring Honeywell’s next-generation, state-of-the-art flight deck – an advanced display system incorporating intuitive symbology, advanced communication and navigation systems, plus flight guidance and management systems. Honeywell also will integrate Boeing’s ForeFlight Dispatch product with Honeywell Forge, a platform of services tailored for the business aviation market. 

FlightSafety International was awarded a contract to provide TH-73A Aircrew Training Services in support of the Advanced Helicopter Training System.

Flightstar Corp. received FAA approval for Gogo Business Aviation AVANCE L5 equipment installation in the Bombardier Learjet 40, 45, 70, and 75 aircraft. STC ST04479CH was awarded to Flightstar Corp. Sept. 9, 2020.

SmartSky Networks filed a federal lawsuit against its former radio contractor, Wireless Systems Solutions LLC, after terminating the WSS contract and asserting that WSS misappropriated SmartSky’s intellectual property. SmartSky’s lawsuit alleges improper actions by WSS, two related entities (DAG Wireless LTD and DAG Wireless USA), and three of their senior leaders.

DC Aviation introduced a pioneering programme of rapid Covid-19 pre-flight virus testing for all crew and flight support personnel earlier this year. Now, DC Aviation has added rapid testing for all flights to meet ongoing changing travel requirements.

SKYTRAC Systems has become a value-added manufacturer for the Iridium Certus 9810 modem. This expanded partnership will allow SKYTRAC to optimize and integrate the modem as well as manufacture terminals leveraging the improved bandwidth of Iridium Certus.

Dassault Aviation’s new Falcon 6X recently won the International Yacht & Aviation Award for interior design.
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