July 8, 2020
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AEA Moves Canada Connect Conference to November; South Pacific Event Postponed until 2021
The Aircraft Electronics Association has made some adjustments to the schedule for its upcoming Connect Conferences.

With the restrictions on travel from the U.S. to Canada being extended until July 21, 2020, and the possibility of another further extension due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AEA has rescheduled its Connect Conference in Calgary, Alberta, from Sept. 10-11 to Nov. 9-10, 2020. Arrangements have been finalized with the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel, and all necessary precautions are being taken to ensure the health and safety of those in attendance. Attendees and exhibitors may register in advance at AEA.net/Connect/Canada.

In addition, the AEA has postponed its Connect Conference in the South Pacific region until 2021. This event was originally scheduled for Nov. 10-11 in Queenstown, New Zealand, and a future date in 2021 has yet to be announced.

The AEA still plans to host three Connect Conferences in the United States this fall, beginning with the East Connect Conference in Naples, Florida, Sept. 23-24. The Central Connect Conference is slated for Oct. 19-20 in Kansas City, Missouri, while the West Connect Conference takes place Oct. 27-28 in Irvine, California. More...
Next AEA Members-Only Webinar Set for July 21
The AEA has scheduled a series of members-only webinars to cover a variety of regulatory topics. Members can find a link to register for this free webinar on the AEA website with their member login and password. Below is the schedule for the next few weeks.

Root Cause Analysis – Tuesday, July 21 (3 p.m. EDT)
Root cause analysis is a structured process to identify root causes of an event that resulted in an undesired outcome and develop corrective actions. This process is used to investigate events, errors or audit findings, to determine (1) the validity of the error (or suspected error); (2) determine the cause of the error; and (3) aid in developing an effective mitigation. Without understanding the root cause of an issue, the mitigation is only a guess.

Change Management – Tuesday, July 28 (3 p.m. EDT)
Aviation organizations experience change due to expansion and contraction as well as changes to existing systems, equipment, policies, programs, services and regulations. Hazards may inadvertently be introduced into the aviation system whenever change occurs. This session will help the repair station develop an effective process to identify, evaluate, and manage change within the organization, which could lead to a quality or safety escape. More...
NBAA Cancels Convention Due to COVID-19
The National Business Aviation Association recently announced it has canceled the 2020 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), which was scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida, Oct. 6-8.

“The promotion of safety is a primary reason NBAA was founded in 1947, and safety is at the foundation of all we are today,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “As COVID-19 has emerged as a pandemic, NBAA has consistently looked to local, state, federal and global health officials to inform our decisions and guide our actions with regard to live events.”

The 2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition will take place Oct. 12-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. More...
Equipping EAB Aircraft for IFR
Confusion continues over what kind of equipment the federal aviation regulations require to use in homebuilt planes for instrument flight rules flight. General aviation today offers multiple options in different categories of aircraft each requiring specific training and qualifications to operate. For example, ultralight aircraft, as proscribed by Part 103.

Absent an airspace requirement, most ultralights, powered and nonpowered, require none of the usual operational qualifications: No medical certificate; no operator’s license; and no type certificate. The ultralight needs to meet only the definition of an “ultralight” in Part 103. More...
Be Careful What You Ask For
Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government and industry affairs, penned in his most-recent Avionics News column:

"Many of the questions I receive are based on wanting someone (usually the FAA) to tell them 'yes or no' that they can or can’t perform a certain task, or to tell them 'how to' do something. They want a prescriptive answer to a question. However, it is impossible to answer. Or at least, it’s impossible to answer and maintain the intent of the regulations and the intent of the U.S. Congress where it has driven agencies to adopt performance-based regulations. We, as industry, have lobbied for decades for performance-based regulations that allow us to design and operate our businesses while limiting the FAA’s oversight to the safety standards...

"When you ask the question ‘what do I do,’ the answer is simple: How did you say you would do it? What do your manuals tell you?" More...
Pandemic Pivot: AEA Members Contribute Their Capabilities to Fight Coronavirus
Perhaps more than many other industries, aviation is manifestly prepared for Mother Nature’s challenges, because adapting to her meteorological whims is essential to daily safety.

The global COVID-19 virus storm is but another challenge that aviation has dealt with directly, with each aviation community contributing its unique capabilities to the antiviral effort. Among them, few are more diverse than the contributions of the avionics community, represented by members of the Aircraft Electronics Association.  More...
Murfreesboro Aviation Answers Tennessee’s Growing Need for Aircraft Maintenance
Even months after the ADS-B mandate has passed, operators are still bringing their aircraft to Murfreesboro Aviation for ADS-B installations. They almost always end up adding other avionics, according to Norman Buhl, avionics manager at the FAA-certified repair station located in suburban Nashville.

“As customers come in for ADS-B, most of them are excited about the new electronic flight displays and autopilots, and that usually translates into a new instrument panel,” said Buhl, who has 40 years of experience in avionics, including serving 23 years as an avionics technician in the U.S. Air Force.

To make all those new instrument panels look their best, Murfreesboro Aviation’s aircraft mechanics use the in-house CNC machine to help create full instrument panels as well as blanks and filler sections for new and existing panels. Despite the busy maintenance hangar, avionics service and aircraft maintenance weren’t always on the minds of the staff.  More...
Standards and Regulatory Development at TCCA
As the COVID-19 workload on the Standards group within Transport Canada Civil Aviation begins to reduce, staff members are beginning to re-engage in “other activities.” Last year, CARAC released information regarding several proposed releases of NPAs, regulations and working groups. These were all put on hold in early March. These activities are now resuming, and resources are being applied at a higher level; we should begin to see progress.

Some major items that had been identified in 2019 were the cost recovery fee restructuring, flight data recorders for GA aircraft, CVR/FDR guidance, ADS-B and, of course, the release of the CAR 521 NPA.

The TCCA announced that the cost recovery plan has been altered slightly, and the report is with industry for review. Originally, the publication of the new CAR 104 should have happened next year, but the NPA is delayed and, therefore, there is potential this will now have a further year’s delay.  More...
Request Your FREE AEA Pilot’s Guide
The AEA Pilot’s Guide is a consumer’s directory loaded with educational articles, timely information and data about the ever-changing world of avionics technologies. In addition to a complete directory of AEA-member government-certified repair stations, avionics manufacturers and distributors located in more than 40 countries, the publication features educational articles to help pilots and aircraft owners make better buying decisions. Individuals residing in the United States may request a free copy while supplies last. More...
On the Radar: Upcoming Industry Events
FAA UAS Symposium
Virtual Event
July 8-9 and Aug. 18-19, 2020
Due to ongoing concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and for the health and safety of the unmanned aviation community, the FAA and AUVSI made the decision to host the 5th annual FAA UAS Symposium virtually instead of in-person in Baltimore. The event was originally scheduled for June 16-18. Episode I will take place July 8-9 with a focus on UTM and international UAS integration. Episode II will take place August 18-19 with a focus on updates to the Integration Pilot Program and public safety operations. More...
AEA U.S. East Connect Conference
Naples, Florida
Sept. 23-24, 2020
Join shop owners, managers and lead technicians for the latest regulatory and technical training at the Naples Grande Hotel. Advance registration is open through Sept. 18 for individuals to attend and for companies to exhibit. More...
Dallas, Texas
Oct. 5-8, 2020 (rescheduled date and new location)
At the world’s largest event for unmanned and autonomous systems, explore today’s proven capabilities and tomorrow’s advancements through hands-on exhibits and interactive demos. More...
AEA U.S. Central Connect Conference
Kansas City, Missouri
Oct. 19-20, 2020
Join shop owners, managers and lead technicians for the latest regulatory and technical training at the Hilton Kansas City Airport. Advance registration is open through Oct. 14 for individuals to attend and for companies to exhibit. More...
AEA U.S. West Connect Conference
Irvine, California
Oct. 27-28, 2020
Join shop owners, managers and lead technicians for the latest regulatory and technical training at the Hilton Irvine Hotel. Advance registration is open through Oct. 22 for individuals to attend and for companies to exhibit. More...
AEA Canada Connect Conference
Calgary, Alberta
Nov. 9-10, 2020
Join shop owners, managers and lead technicians for the latest regulatory and technical training at the Sheraton Cavalier Calgary Hotel. Advance registration is open through Nov. 4 for individuals to attend and for companies to exhibit. More...
EASA Certifies Electric Aircraft, First Type Certification for Fully Electric Plane
The European Union Aviation Safety Agency announced the certification of an electric airplane, the Pipistrel Velis Electro, the first type certification worldwide of a fully electric aircraft and an important milestone in the quest for environmentally sustainable aviation.

“This is an exciting breakthrough,” said EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky. “This is the first electric aircraft EASA has certified but it will certainly not be the last, as the aviation industry pursues new technologies to reduce noise and emissions and to improve the sustainability of aviation.”

The Velis Electro is a two-seater aircraft intended primarily for pilot training. Slovenia-based Pipistrel is a leading small aircraft designer and manufacturer, specialized in energy-efficient and affordable high-performance aircraft. The Velis Electro joins a product lineup of similar, but conventionally powered, aircraft.  More...
Large Shops Take Large Precautions
The leaders of Elliott Aviation made quick adjustments to keep its 375 employees safe in Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota when the coronavirus hit while they maintained and repaired customer jets and turboprops.

The company employs 45 people on its avionics team at its Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois; seven at Des Moines International Airport in Iowa; and four at Flying Cloud Airport in Minneapolis. The Iowa and Minnesota locations have about 50 total employees each.

The company has been taking social distancing seriously and decided not to have all members of its procurement team remain in one place at Moline where it operates in three buildings. The procurement specialists are in the parts department, but Elliott dispersed them to several locations in the buildings at Moline as a precaution so that if one person got sick, he or she wouldn’t infect all members of the same team. “We have them keep their distance from others to make sure we don’t lose the entire procurement team,” said Mark Wilken, vice president of avionics programs and operational logistics for Elliott. More...
$100 Mystery Make and Model Challenge
Attention avionics technicians! How well do you think you know your avionics inside and out? New and old? Then put your knowledge to work.

What is the product make and model shown in this image?

The first individual who submits the correct answer will be awarded a $100 Visa gift card, courtesy of Southeast Aerospace, and the winner will be announced in the next edition of AEA Wired.

In addition, each award recipient in 2020 will be entered to win a random drawing for a $500 Visa gift card at the end of the year, also from Southeast Aerospace. Email your answer...
Avionics Training and Professional Development Classes
Register quickly, as most classes sell out!
Certified Repair Station Training (course sold-out)
July 13-17, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This weeklong course provides an interactive environment to learn, understand and implement the regulations that govern repair station design and operations. Current quality managers, technicians, mechanics, and repairmen who are involved in the management of a repair station as well as individuals looking to establish a 14 CFR Part 145 repair station should attend. This course will include a complete review of the FAA guidance and policy regarding the procedures to assure a repair station is operating within the criteria of its manuals.
Basic Wiring & Avionics Installation (2 seats remain)
July 27-29, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for certificated repairmen, new avionics technicians, aviation maintenance technicians and recent graduates interested in improving or acquiring the skills necessary to perform avionics installations. This three-day seminar employs in-depth theory and hands-on lab exercises to immerse the attendee in the best practices used to plan, manage, and install a general aviation avionics panel.
Basic Pitot-Static & Transponder Theory, Testing & Troubleshooting (5 seats remain)
July 30-31, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for entry-level avionics technicians or those looking for basic training on pitot-static and aircraft transponder systems. This two-day course covers the history and theory of operation of pitot-static instruments and transponders, as well as system setup, hands-on testing, and the troubleshooting skills necessary to perform Federal Aviation Regulations 91.411 and 91.413 checks.
Avionics Installation for Experimental Aircraft
(11 seats remain)
Aug. 5-7, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for the homebuilder or avionics technician who is looking for guidance in completing an avionics installation on an experimental aircraft. While the Garmin G3X Touch system is used as an example in the course, the wiring principles and general guidance can be applied to any experimental avionics system. From the do-it-yourselfer to the avionics shop looking to carve a niche, this class has something for everyone.
Avionics Installation and Integration Training
(13 seats remain)
Aug. 12-14, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for technicians who have completed the AEA’s Basic Wiring & Avionics Installation Course and/or have a couple years of basic avionics installation practice and are looking for more experience integrating common general aviation installations. Technicians will learn how to plan, install, interface, configure and check out an installation consisting of a Garmin GTN 650 touch screen nav/com/GPS, Garmin GTX 345 transponder and an Aspen EFD1000 primary flight display.
Bench Basics and Flight Line Troubleshooting
(4 seats remain)
Aug. 17-19, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed for technicians who have completed the AEA’s Basic Wiring course and/or have a couple of years of basic avionics installation practice, familiar with basic soldering skills and are looking for experience in LRU bench testing and avionics flight line testing. ADS-B transponder systems, nav/ILS and VHF comms will be the focus of study. Technicians will fabricate a general-purpose test panel, a bench test harness, and a transponder test harness that they will use in the course. Attendees will keep their fabricated test panel and harness projects.
Pitot-Static and Transponder Testing and Inspection with ADS-B Implementation (4 seats remain)
Aug. 20, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
Attendees will learn the proper methods for conducting pitot-static and transponder tests and inspections. This full-day course offers hands-on training, including a regulatory review and an explanation of the proper administrative procedures for completing these critical certifications. With so many questions surrounding ADS-B, this course will provide the answers and what you need to know.
IFR6000 and IFR4000 Operations (7 seats remain)
Aug. 21, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
This course is designed to provide maintenance personnel with the knowledge and skills required to operate the IFR6000 to verify and maintain transponder, UAT, TCAS, and DME system, and to operate the IFR4000 for ILS, VOR, COMMs and ELT.
The Regulations of Maintenance (15 seats remain)
Oct. 15-16, 2020
Lee's Summit, Missouri
Understanding the regulations of the repair station is only part of the equation. Like pieces of a puzzle, each regulation is needed to fit together in order to fully view the repair station’s requirements. Understanding the regulatory relationship between the business (Part 145); the maintenance it performs (Part 43); the parts it uses (Part 21); as well as the needs of customers (Part 91) are essential to provide regulatory compliant services in aviation maintenance. This session will cover the basics of the maintenance and modification regulations, but more importantly, it focuses on their integrated relationship with the business.
News from AEA Member Companies
Becker Avionics is anticipating STC approval for its AMU6500 audio panel, the first step by the FAA and EASA following. It will replace the former Baker (not Becker) audio panels in the Piaggio P180 Series aircraft. These models include the Avanti II and Avanti Evo aircraft models.

Elliott Aviation announced special pricing for Pro Line 21 modernization packages through July 31, 2020. Special pricing is available for customers that submit a signed quote and deposit by July 31 with work to be completed by Dec. 31.

Gogo Business Aviation recently hit 3,000 daily flights, showing strong signs of recovery from the COVID-19 related single-day low-point of 378 daily flights in mid-April.

Garmin announced that the GI 275 electronic flight instrument is ready for installation in select Part 27 FAA-registered helicopters via field approval. The GI 275 has completed stringent helicopter vibration and temperature testing, demonstrating it can withstand the harsh operating environments encountered by helicopters. Garmin also announced certification of the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck upgrade for the Embraer Phenom 300 business jet equipped with the Prodigy Flight Deck.

Duncan Aviation is anticipating the completion and availability of its first STC for the Aviation Clean Air ionization system for a Global aircraft on July 24. Duncan Aviation also has extended customer service hours and added three new Component customer account reps to accommodate repair service calls after hours. Duncan Aviation’s Parts & Rotable Sales has realigned and added members to its Rotable management team. In addition, Jeff Lake, formerly chief operating officer for Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, facility, took over day-to-day responsibility for the entire company on July 1 as former President Aaron Hilkemann stepped back to the newly created, part-time role of chief executive officer and chairman of the Duncan Aviation board of advisors. As Lake has stepped away from the COO role in Lincoln, Mike Minchow, vice president of modifications and engineering, has taken on those additional responsibilities. Bill Prochazka, executive vice president and COO of the Provo, Utah, facility, also retired at the end of June. Chad Doehring, formerly vice president of operations in Provo, was tapped many months ago to fill the COO role. Ryan Huss was selected to fill the newly created role of director of sales and serve on the company’s senior management team. 

Honeywell released an update to its Honeywell Forge platform for business aviation flight departments that includes multiple integrations and new features. The updates include a new integration with Professional Flight Management’s scheduling software and a new cabin connectivity analytics dashboard. Additionally, the beta version of a propulsion data reporting system will now integrate aircraft health data with Maintenance and Service Plan monthly reporting.

Pentastar Aviation announced that Bruce Atlas has the joined company as director of quality assurance. Atlas reports to Michael Baker, vice president of safety and compliance, and replaces Dave Marble who will retire this month.

uAvionix Corp. announced that the SkyEcho portable ADS-B transceiver has been accepted by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia as an approved Electronic Conspicuity Device. Under this approval, SkyEcho can be used in VFR aircraft under FL290 as an enhancement to “See and Be Seen.”

Astronics Corp. is launching a new family of pocket-sized USB interface devices using the SuperSpeed USB 3.1 standard to easily connect computers to avionics databuses. The UA2000 family of portable USB interfaces enable computers to communicate with, simulate, test, and monitor avionics equipment and systems. 
West Star Aviation’s Perryville, MO location received FAA approval for four additional airframe capabilities within the Bombardier and Embraer series. The four additional series of capabilities include: Bombardier Global BD-700, Embraer Phenom, Embraer Legacy 120 and Embraer Legacy 134/145.

Coastal Winds Avionics in Mobile, Alabama, is celebrating its first year as an FAA certified repair station. Founded in March 2019, the company joined the AEA in April 2019 and received FAA certification on June 20, 2019. In one year, the team has grown to six technicians and two administrative positions.

Spirit Aeronautics completed a contract supporting the United States Air Force that required complete technical support services including all program management, engineering, kitting and major aircraft modifications on two active-duty E-9A Widget aircraft.

FlightSafety International now offers maintenance technician training at a new Learning Center located at the Sunshine Coast Airport in Queensland, Australia.

Rosen Aviation launched industry firsts with its 34-inch 21:9 and 32-inch 16:9 4K Branding-Panel displays for commercial and business aviation. Both static and dynamic information can be displayed, maximizing passengers’ cabin experience. With USB 3.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and HDMI connections, the panels accept contemporary inputs for either local or remote control.

StandardAero completed the successful consolidation of the company’s Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Helicopter Center of Excellence, after accelerating the final phase of integration of helicopter MRO engine operations into one site.

Flying Colours Corp. delivered a reconfigured Falcon 2000LXS. The work was performed for a longtime customer and represents the 12th aircraft project the Canadian owner has entrusted to Flying Colours in 20 years.

Flight Data Systems is celebrating its 30th year of business serving commercial and military clients internationally alongside a recently completed product portfolio.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced its 200th super-midsize Gulfstream G280 business jet has entered service.

Avmax recently dry leased one CRJ-200PF Package Freighter msn 7236 to MCS AeroCarga of Mexico.
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