April 1, 2023
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ADHD: It Isn't Always Easy
Sometimes, the way we look at a situation prevents us from seeing an effective solution because we don’t understand what the challenge actually is. Which means, a lack of clarity leads to procrastination. If it's supposed to be easy, we would have done it by now. The fact that we procrastinate is a clear symptom that something is not clear. We aren't sure what to pay attention to.

My point is this. If something is obviously easy, but we find ourselves procrastinating, chances are the obvious approach isn’t so easy. Many times, the hard part is the challenge around figuring out what to pay attention to. As with this image, for example, what are you paying attention to? A duck? Or a rabbit?

For more insight, please check out my blogpost: “ADHD: It Isn't Always Easy.” www.digcoaching.com/adhd-it-isnt-always-easy/

Jeff Copper
ADHD and Attention Coach
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