July 1, 2022
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ADHD: Are Your Reminders Annoying?
If you have ADHD, or you live with someone who does, your lifestyles are probably quite different. One of you has a style that actually looks like clutter, and the other, having everything in its place or out of sight, just can't feel at home with the partner's visual style.

Those with ADHD need to focus on the point of performance, so to them, leaving a screwdriver on the counter, for example, is a good reminder for a task that needs to be done or stacks of mail to be handled. To the non-ADHD partner, however, it's just clutter. When the "reminders" get to be too much, they become a source of conflict in the relationship.

While you can't change another person, you can negotiate for change. It's important to remember that you both have legitimate needs, but you need to co-design an environment for both your styles to co-exist. If you can relate to this scenario, please read my blogpost, "Are Your Reminders Annoying?" www.digcoaching.com/are-your-reminders-annoying/
Jeff Copper
ADHD and Attention Coach
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